“An Era of Darkness” by Shashi Tharoor: MilanKaRaja’s opinion

Shashi Tharoor may have read this blog!

” Updated, 4th April, 2017: Just watched a Shashi Tharoor video on line where he said the following: “let us forgive but not forget”. A common phrase, so common that I had it in my Shashi Tharoor Blog on the 30th of December. No kidding, look below.

Though my website traffic does not really indicate massive surge in visitors, I still seem to be able to communicate with famous people when I blog about them or something that interests them. So here is my original blog below. Fortunately, Shashi has addressed several of these issues in later interviews. The idea about having musuems built seemed to echo around after I mentioned it below.

Butterfly effect may be”


Shashi Tharoor: One man army taking on the Brits

Shashi Tharoor is all over the place lately. Growing in popularity ever since he delivered a very Boston Legal style speech in front of some really important looking English men at Oxford.

With an accent like that, you can always get an audience among the English speaking Indian youth. In present times, its quite welcoming to see Shashi doing his part in raising the bar in Indian debating and politics.

India’s colonial past was brutal, and some acknowledgement of historical crimes may make some one privileged like Shashi Tharoor very pleased. A win over his snobbish English buddies at the tavern.

Having worked as a sleazy opportunistic sales man earlier, I like to get things done win-win. I prefer to forgive but not forget and hence, would rather see this as an excellent opportunity to write a blog and ride on Shashi Tharoors popularity.

Hence my original, no bias opinion about this whole issue is to look forward and take advantage of any past event however tragic it maybe as a platform for our artists to tell the story. Building an “Era of Darkness” themed museum. Or selling souvenirs of ancient Indian and British soldiers. And of course writing a book about it like Shashi Tharoor.

Or even organizing plays etc are just some simple ideas of how we can monetize our history.

Many people lost their lives in the Battle of Waterloo, today the historic battle ground generates good revenue from tourists, who pay to watch a short 3D movie and buy interesting looking high priced souvenirs.

There is talk of using Virtual Reality to visualize the historical battle while standing on an elevated position. The possibilities are endless.

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