Ask & Answer Locally -Bushlark,

Milan ka Raja has vested interests in the promotion of this app. Nonetheless here me out anyways.
Travelling abroad? Study in Europe? Lost in translation? Wish you could find fellow English speakers nearby to answer the silliest of your questions?

Look no more. Bushlark could be the ultimate travel app.

Developed by the brightest of Indian minds from IIT Madras, Bushlark aims to understand your needs and connect you to people around your location who can best help you.

Users claim that its algorithms are able to read your minds. How much of this is true is best understood by a quick download of the app

Download : Ask & Answer Locally –Bushlark, by clicking the link below. Travel abroad has never been more familiar.

Click here to download now


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Milankaraja knows the best. Look no more. Bushlark could be the ultimate travel app.

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By Vineeth Naik

Liberal part time Blogger and full time Researcher with a broad range of experience, professionally and personally in Austria, Italy, UAE & India. Loves Finance, Business & Technology. Cares about society.

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