Can you get rich Blogging?

Yes you can if you are prepared for it. Firstly, Blogging requires patience. You have to work diligently for days to see some action.

Whoever you are, you will learn something every day. That is the most important thing about making money.

You need to create your business loop and keep building over it. Setting a Blog up with some content is the first step, then you sign up with Google Adsense or some of the other companies. Considering that Google search punishes too many ads on a website, I have applied minimal advertising only from Google Adsense.

Once you have your loop prepared, its time to magnify and amplify it.

I use the term loop as you have to give, in order to take. Any one who becomes rich without giving, doesn’t stay rich for long. The cycle has to be sustainable and growing.

To keep your money with you, its important that people want to give you money. They will want to pay you only in return of a product or a service. If you are reading this, you have a product of your own or maybe you are clueless just like me.

Think about your strengths and weaknesses

As an educated expat, I decided to blog. I understand web development by googling about it. Every time I discover something interesting, I try to Blog about it.

As a former engineer and finance professional, I hope to even provide a few useful financial tools on my wesbite in the future.

For now, I have my website built. With over 90 articles written, I hope to SEO optimize all of the articles. Improve the readability and make my text easier to understand.

Capitalizing on my strengths in learning and teaching, I have decided to become rich Blogging. I like the flexibility and power the job gives me. The ability to be creative and win hearts. Blogging can redefine business as it is today.

You will not be the last person catching the train. We are going to have a Hyperloop coming up soon. Are you prepared for it?

If you understand something really good, you should blog about it. Who else can sell a product or a service better than someone who understands it well?

The next step is just on how to make your blog comprehensible to the masses. You then need to work on passing it around on social media. Marketing has become much easier and useful lately.

We all start somewhere. Read more below to learn about my story on how I decided to take my life more seriously.

#Published in November,2016 recollecting 2009

How to become Rich as a lonely passenger in Rajdhani

Aspirations to travel the world or live a great life with family and loved ones finally draws down to the one thing we all eagerly yearn for in life and that is sweet money. How we go about approaching the issue is different though. Lately, the masses are much more educated about wealth generation ideas from books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Many years ago on a long train journey across India from Delhi to Hyderabad, an unemployed me, fresh out of engineering school was happy to have spent around 30 Euros to travel in the Rajdhani 3 tier AC class. Instead of saving 20 euros and fending my seat from other passengers in 2 tier sleeper class I chose the comfortable path. A flight from Delhi to Hyderabad would have costed me about 80 euros one way.

Studying in a public engineering collage, you learn a lot about austerity and money management from your friends. You realize that savings on a train journey could let you party more with your friends, or chill with your girlfriend.

Lucky to be decently privileged for Indian standards, my goals in life were simple. Go have fun in life, study collage, live a stereotypical life influenced by American TV, get an awesome job because I am the chosen one after all.

As stupid as that may sound, I accept to have spent most of my life seeing it from a perspective of an upper middle class Indian brat.

Liberalized by American literature

Rich Dad, poor Dad gave meaning to my life. It gave me the solution to get rid of constraints. Of course I learned a lot from other people too. But this book made a sales guy out of me. There is so much I wished I knew earlier. Blogging helps me to reach out others. Those seeking wisdom, prosperity or just an adventure.

But looking back, its all part of the learning. I believe that we all need some basic guidance in life and then we be left to live how we wish. A person given good basic education and values, left to travel around the world will often end up processing so many different simulations, where he realizes that the best strategy in every new situation is to be in your best behavior. That is why so often, strangers can end up having such sweet conversations.

But then, who are these grumpy people that we see around like the old lady at the Tabachheria. When you have been handling the cash counter for a long time, you wont be smiling much at every customer.

You are in your comfort zone, your business, the people will keep coming, even if one doesnt like you, some other will come, you smile or do not smile it doesn’t matter, well maybe if you smile more, you have more people asking for free stuff.

But the point here being is the importance of being a pro and taking your life in control. That old lady has a license to sell cigarettes at a central location in Italy’s financial and fashion capital. I doubt money may be an issue for her as she could always hire some one else to do it or sell that license for big money.

Coming back to the train journey. I was unemployed but happy that I at least graduated in time. Plus, travelling in Rajdhani, I had my nice upper side birth all prepared with clean linen.

I had a book that I borrowed from my Dad, the railway staff was soon going to spoil me with an endless supply of food and beverages. I often would be woken up to be fed, to only go back to bed or reading again. You spend half your trip eating in this train. Perfect ideal conditions for a nice book on becoming rich.

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