US elections 2016: The Bad, the Ugly and the Good


America’s Trump card to ride Digitalization

“Update on 4th April, 2017: Will be interesting to read my opinions below on Trump during the elections and my present opinion on him. My present opinion is that Trump is the Trump card America is looking for.

Like India has Modi spear heading digitalization, America found its show man in Trump. With an attractive Daughter and First Lady, post Game of Thrones Americans and the world will not be able to ignore the Trumps”

I am not an US citizen, now have I ever been there. But a lot of my childhood friends from Hyderabad, India are working there though. Everyone is picking sides between the bad and the ugly.

They seem to believe that one of them is better than the other when it comes down to their own interests. Honestly, one of them is definitely better then the other in a lot of ways, but that cannot be the qualification criteria for the next US President.

When you choose a Miss America among 50 women, you should give the the third candidate in this important elections a chance.


Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are other presidential candidates who also contested the last time in 2012. They both wish to legalize marijuana. Considering that one American state made more revenues from marijuana then from alcohol. These candidates are definitely in touch with ground reality. Personally, they look like much nicer people in comparison to American Modi and Sonia Gandhi.

On the surface, Gary Johnson and Arvind Kejriwal dont have a lot in common apart from being major third party leaders. The US and India are two completely different countries.

While Gary Johnson wishes to privatize healthcare and education in order to generate efficient competition ensuring the best value for the best price.

Arvind Kejriwal has implemented a different approach capitalizing on strengths in organizational capabilities, cost cutting, technology to ensure great healthcare and education to the residents of Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal actually has a lot more in common with Bernie Sanders.

to be continued..

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