Digitalization: All the crazy stuff in the world points to one direction

All political hype is just to boost digital content?


Uncertainity is a boon for start ups?

All political hype is just to boost digital content?

The media is a powerful tool but can be bought. The internet on the other hand creates a chaotic environment that is difficult to be censored or silenced for now. Information over the internet spreads like wildfire.

Ever since, I started writing my blog, I have had frequent new visitors. A few of them did return to read more. I may have disappointed them with lackluster content written in bad English, but I am really hoping to do better.

I usually get very distracted by our politicians these days. With Brexit, Trump, Modi and Kejriwal re defining dialogue and adding more content to our boring lives.

I hardly watch films these days. Real world has so much more going on then what our most creative minds can bring out as entertainment. How real is this real world, or am I just writing a blog about a scripted reality show organized by our governments?

Whatever it may be, from the recent demonetization exercise, I have realized the importance of being more aware about politics as it can have a big affect on your future wealth and happiness.

The people most happy with this are those rooting for start ups like Paytm

Digital India: The not so obvious solution for a massive task

Digital currency can solve lots of problems for India. Apart from expanding the tax base, the future should ideally be less corrupt and efficient with all digital transactions. The idea of creating chaos to drive people towards fintech is not very cool though.

Its like my dad teaching me to swim by pushing me in the deep end of the swimming pool. Since, we talking about money here, the start up community should have create an organized effort to educated new user base.

My guess is that all the political rhetoric we hear about, from superstars like Modi and Trump is aimed to boost social media usage and digitalization.


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