Understanding Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

Arvind Kejriwal putting Macchiavelli to shame

Machiavelli would have wished he had known Arvind Kejriwal. It would force him to run back to his study and add a final chapter titled “The Exception” in his book The Prince.

This is what I had originally written. More recently, you learn that the Machiavellian thought is too powerful.


I have been following Arvind Kejriwal ever since he started the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2014. Coincidentally, I was starting my internship at Mercer, Italy at around the same time Kejriwal took the CM responsibility for the first time. We were both inexperienced with a very idealistic mind of the future.

Both of us would do our best in our jobs but end up with unfavorable results. As we didn’t know Machiavelli back then. I take my words back, Kejriwal must have been surely aware, but he still fails to see the enormous power of Machiavelli.

To go after political opponents that will go to any depths to ruin you is a challenging task and Kejriwal has surely seen a lot of action, in spite of which he just keeps on going.

Modi Bhakts hate him and malign him. While those who have seen the benefits of an honest government first hand understand that Arvind Kejriwal may be India’s only hope to promote true meritocracy. A government that welcome all to join and contribute. Protecting the poor and needy, while facilitating the rich in promoting fairly regulated business.

Thats where my admiration for Arvind Kejriwal comes from. You only read about people like this in fiction, in real world most people with the heart fall susceptible to the modern day Machiavelli.

The Prince (Penguin Classics)

Skills of a critical Blogger: Priceless

Personally, as a very critical blogger, I can see through most acts. Due my diverse work & study experience across countries, I can clearly see through most gimmicks.

Kejriwal brings something genuine. Without any distractions, a simple man dressed in an attire not worth more than 20 €, relies only on his words. No back story or references are required with this gentleman. Listen to him for a bit and you know he means business.

Ever since I started following Arvind Kejriwal in 2013 through social media, listening to his speeches and trying to understand his methods, I have honestly been very confident about his success. He has only beaten my expectations every time.

The key to Kejriwal’s success is honesty. Honesty promotes clear com communication without the obstacles of vested interests. Most people with power in India are hardly bothered with uncomfortable questions. While Kejriwal gets slapped in public not once but twice.

The people who took to physical violence worked for one of our Indian Macchiavellis. I would not equate them with the guy who threw a shoe at George Bush and the guy who did the same at Silvio Berlusconi.

As bad as these two other politicians may sound, Kejriwal does not come in that category. I am sure that even Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of Arvind Kejriwal.

Aam Aadmi Party Achievements

Arvind Kejriwal and his political party AAP have made huge leaps of progress in education, healthcare, VAT collection, Tourism, cheap utilities for the poor etc.

Currently, they are fighting pollution in New Delhi. They face a lot of obstacles from their opponents, but I am really hoping to update this blog again in a year with pictures of the “New” New Delhi.

If you ever wondered how it would be to live in a Bernie Sanders city, you should visit New Delhi in a years time. By then, every school child in the city would be able to read. I am sure every school child will also be able to speak English.

The children in Delhi growing up under this new administration will be different. By that, I mean in a very positive way. Entire schools of children will be graduating under a new confident environment. They will question and seek answers, empowering the weak and needy to make the world a better place.

I am invested in the Indian equity markets. I have a lot of worries about the future. But when I see people like Arvind Kejriwal and the millions of AAP supporters, I am filled with hope.

We may have many politicians like Trump and Hillary, but as long as we have people inspired from Arvind kerjiwals actions towards a better India, I am sure India is going to go places.

Arvind Kejriwal & the Aam Aadmi Party: An Inside Look

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