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Why we need Trees on buildings? Milan goes green!

Clean and Green Milan Skyline

That is me in front of the Bosco Verticale or Vertical forests, the sexiest looking residential building in Milan. I never referred to a building like that before. But with diminishing forest cover in our cities, the idea of these buildings shine hope. The idea can help even congested Indian cities to breathe some fresh air. Truly a solution for saving many cities all over the world inflicted by pollution.

Posing with Bosco Verticale, Milan
Posing with Bosco Verticale, Milan

The future is in vertical agriculture. Saving farm space like this American exhibit from the Milan 2015 expo (below) is the future. Even Israel had similar ideas displayed during the expo. Considering massive deforestation, we should not only limit it to agriculture, but also plant permanent trees on buildings, thus ensuring clean air in our cities.

American Pavilion, Milan Expo
American Pavilion, Milan Expo

Milan has green space but needs more trees

Now who wouldn’t love clean air? To sit back and relax at Parco Ravizza on a sunny weekend afternoon or to find a quite spot at the Monza Park with someone special. Half of our problems would go away with some extra greenery around us. What do you think? Comment below if you like these pics.

Posing at Parco Sempione, Milan
Posing at Parco Sempione, Milan
Chilling at Monza, Italy
Chilling at Monza, Italy

Deforestation can only be countered with afforestation

About three years back, I remember walking by a pretty Milan neighborhood  that still had its trees along its tram path. The trees highly boosted the aura of the locality. But later some of these trees were under threat of city life. A group of volunteers planned a tree hugging day in order to protest. If Deforestation is a threat, the only way to fight back is growing more trees.

If 100 trees are planted for every 1 tree that we cut, we would have a much better environmental situation.

Some how I have always loved the idea of having more trees in our cities. If city planning was left for me, I would make sure we had tress, canals and little bridges all around the city. Very must Amsterdam but also filled up with buildings with trees.

Four simple reasons why we need more trees in our cities

  1. Roughly, 4 households require an acre full of trees for oxygen supply.

    • The math surely doesn’t work out in our cities. Relying on oxygen produced in our forests to reach our cities is not optimal.
    • We also dont have thousands of acres of land to grow trees for all our city households. Hence, A country like India can immensely benefit from buildings with trees.
  2. Trees can help regulate the temperature of cities.

    • Trees can cool the air by 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Not bad for Indian cities in the summer.
  3. Trees prevent soil erosion. Useful to protect Urban hillsides and slopes.

  4. Captain Planet, he is a hero. Trees reduce crime.

    • The happiness in seeing greenery around can be very uplifting.  People are less agitated with trees around.
    • They also spend more time outsides in parks, thus reducing overall crime rates.


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