Make friends in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

Why beer is not needed for fun in Germany

That is me above at the Oktoberfest of 2011. I really loved beer back then. Went all the way to Germany for a day long beer party under a tent. The above picture is probably our first drink.

As we were introduced to new brimming glasses of fresh beer, we also made new friends. I really miss my youth. Head to Germany if you want to feel young. My own Brother decided to permanently move to Germany back then. Maybe he got convinced when I said that the big beer party under the tent was super awesome.

Fun in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Fun in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

Three glasses and I was down for time out. The environment outside was fun. Germans are actually very social people. I always end up making so many new friends in Germany. Even when I am not filling myself with beer.

But this day and the next time I visit Oktoberfest, I will do the same stupid mistake. The mistake of drinking five big glasses of beer in one day.  If you do plant to go ahead with this feat, do remember to take some rest mid way. The green grass outside Germany serves well for a nice siesta.

Sleeping on grass in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Sleeping on grass in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

Well rested on green grass, and well fed with German grilled chicken, I was back in action. German street food definitely has a great smell. I don’t eat sausages because of my selective meat choice. But I sure do love the smell of street food in Germany. makes me so hungry that I quickly head to the nearest Asian restaurant.

First day in Germany? Visit the Oktoberfest!

Coming back to my day at the Oktoberfest. Yes, my first day ever in Germany started out in the Oktoberfest. Of course, I love the country enough to blog about it. The next 2 beers went easy, but our camera lost control. Seriously, look below.

Partying in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Partying in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

What followed was fun. We had a great time getting drunk in a tent with other people. The group dynamics has a very Astrix & Oblix after party feel. But to truly enjoy an Oktoberfest like a Boss is to go there twice.

So, i returned the next year. This time with my brother. We made new friends, I also met colleagues from IIT Delhi there. Not a bad networking event. If I had Blogged back then, I would have sold it to 100 regular  visitors right there.

Moreover, this was a great networking experience. You truly learn to speak with loads of people without any escape. If you get out of the tent, its dificult to re enter. So the party remains within the tent with loads of people all around.

You may end up meet people from all over the world. Was so happy to meet IITians, IIM guys, and also Bocconians randomly in conversation.

Brothers have fun in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Brothers have fun in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Make new friends in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany
Make new friends in Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

Has been long since I partied in the Oktoberfest at Munich. These days I am more sober. Its just water for me. Oh, and I did visit Amsterdam recently. That was quite a fun experience too.  I will blog about Amsterdam soon. Can use the same template, and maybe replace beer with a nice Joint.

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