Italy the land of marketing and luxury

Arriving in Italy in 2010, I wanted to learn Finance. Milan is the Italian financial capital. Within the high GDP producing Lombardy region, there is much more to this city and this country. With big money comes big demand. The luxury industry in Italy surely delivers on this. Apart from just developing a great product, the Italians now how to make it desirable.

To make things desirable is good business sense. It is also an attribute built over habit with time. There is more to marketing then just big money spent on a campaign.

Italy demonstrates this in form of a life style: La Dolce Vita or the sweet life as the Italians call it.

If you make a Ferrari,  make sure you have to roads and beautiful landscape that goes with it. You make great clothes, you make sure the diet supports it. Hence, Italian food popular for pizzas and pasta is also rich in seafood, salads and vegetables.

Italy has been teaching the world how to really live good. Going out in the sun, grab your luxottica shades. Wake up in the morning, get an espresso or a cappuccino.

As a Blogger living in Italy, here is a sneak peak of this wonderful country and all that it has to offer.

Life in Italy: El Dorado for leisure

I really like the above picture taken on a sunny day at Sirmione. The old well with the flowers on top, charms many tourists to stop and admire.  If you are ever wondering why so many tourist arrive in Italy every year you should look beyond the most popular destinations to see how these lesser spoken about destinations fare in leaving a memorable experience on a tourist.

Working in Italy, I had ample free time to do my traveling. During a very busy time in my life, weekend trips often just for a day has helped revive myself immensely. A nice trip can do wonders to your mind that can only be explained by the travel.

Enriching yourselves by exploring nature or culture, helps bring a new useful perspective to your problems. Often, it gives you the chutzpah needed to make bold decisions.

Life in Italy is like the weather and you need to adapt accordingly. A difficult task for someone trying to get some work done. But every once in a while, I never miss an opportunity to explore the hinterland.

If its a nice sunny day, I could head out to one of the near by lakes. Lake Como, Garda, Maggiore etc. On a nice sunny day, you could pick a ferry ride to take you to some magical destinations.

Six pictures that prove why Italy is magical

1) Lakes like Lago di Gardo
1) Lakes like Lago di Gardo

Water is warm, perfect! Find a spot, out with the glasses and take a selfie. Talk about cheap thrills!


2) Swimming anywhere everywhere, Sirmione
2) Swimming anywhere everywhere, Sirmione

Relaxing on a lazy weekend evening at the Piazza in Bologna.  When you have been spending a lot of time crossing the Piazza Duomo in Milan for many years, a new big piazza in an other city is always a welcoming site.

3) Have fun at the Piazzas, Bologna
3) Have fun at the Piazzas, Bologna


Rainy Valentines day at Verona? Go see the hottest couple in town. Not us, we left, am talking about Romeo & Juliet!


4) Watch live theater, Verona
4) Watch live theater, Verona


Heading out anywhere in Italy, you got be dressed well. Dimpi gets excited to party in Bologna, perche Bologna è una regola…

5) Shades look best in Italy, My friend Dimpi is super excited to head out in Bologna.
5) Shades look best in Italy, My friend Dimpi is super excited to head out in Bologna.

Winter is coming?  have no worry, the Alps will keep those white walkers away.  Join the nights watch at the ski spots in Trento.

6) Head to the Alps if you are bored of the beach, Trento
6) Head to the Alps if you are bored of the beach, Trento

And then there is South Italy. Summer at Salento was the best idea ever. Will blog about South Italy later. Stay tuned and subscribe for more.

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