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The Challenger Sale: How To Take Control of the Customer Conversation 

Below you see my reply to a recruiter for a sales job.

“Dear recruiter,

Thank you very much for your interest in my profile. #Click here to download my CVVineeth_Naik_CV,Dec2016.compressed.

As a Territory Sales Executive at Western Union Italy for one year, I was responsible in boosting revenues across territories in north Italy in a Field role.

Initially targeting the customer segment of the Indian community, I was successful in collaborating with numerous small shops across towns after conducting appropriate strategic market research. Later, my responsibilities increased as I worked across key important locations like Milan city, Parma, Varese etc.

My job was mainly based on independent lead generation, often receiving leads from my team. Apart from understanding the money transfer business and our products, I would often have to introduce shopkeepers to the business explaining the benefits in boosting their overall sales.

Considering the market research, lead generation, fixing appointments, conducting sales calls, getting the deals signed after conducting necessary due diligence, customer service, filing the contracts, and training the agents, I would still manage to recruit about 2 agents a week.

Need to make letter shorter and interesting!

Prior to this experience, I have worked in Financial Brokerage catering to bank guarantees and Letter of Credits for 6 months. This position in an entrepreneurial environment was a versatile role, where I helped my senior partner in setting up the business from scratch.

Apart from setting up a webpage, social media presence, creating client presentations on Prezzi, I would have to mediate with the “Providers” of the financial instrument and clients from across the globe. As a complex business, I often networked with very senior industry professionals to learn more and set up potential synergies.

I have also worked earlier in Investment Consulting at Mercer Italy for 6 months, where I was more occupied as an analyst providing support to the senior associates.

Finally, I would like to conclude by stating that my experience in sales covers over small shop owners as well as senior industry professionals across geographies.

I currently hold an Italian work permit and an Indian citizenship. The Italian work visa is renewable with a job contract in Italy. I have been living here in Milan since 6 years including study and work experience.

Please let me know if you require any more information.

Kind regards,

Vineeth Naik ”

This may not be the most elegant correspondence with a recruiter. I definitely need to make it shorter and more interesting. The call didnt work out and I am still Blogging. None the less, hope this letter serves someone. Who knows who may find it useful. I would like to update more of my job application letters here for those of you interested in having a look. Please do leave any feedback below in the comments section.

What did I learn from my sales experience?

  • We all have a style to deal with people. Some of us like to make compromises and be nicer and friendlier even though the other person may not reciprocate the same. Hoping to receive mercy in return for kindness. The other way is to make the other person think highly of you with respect. Letting the other person seek your approval and guidance in helping him. Which ever approach you choose remember that you would have to do it with loads of people. Being too nice with loads of people, puts you into high liabilities or obligations to help them with every small detail. A demanding client will try to outsource more of his work to you. When instead of doing customer service, you are supposed to be finding newer clients. My advice is that always try to take the horse to the water, but remember you cant make it drink. Be the teacher and enlighten your new students.
  • Have no clue how to go about with your sales job. Remember to always knock on the door and enter like its your first sales call. Same enthusiasm. No single way to get the job done. Head out and meet 100 clients, and you will find a bunch of really sweet people. You will also find a bunch of @$$#o£€$, some really smart and interesting people and some ignorant ones. Just by visiting all the 100 clients, you could definitely find an accord with a good percentage of them.
  • Be assertive but not too sleazy. You have to be approachable. The man who can get things done!
  • Never underestimate word of mouth and networking. I found many interesting deals in chit-chat.
  • Read the Challenger Sale, Book by Brent Adamson and Matthew C. Dixon


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