A few years back, I had to suddenly plan a trip to visit my brother in Germany. Without any prior booking, I discovered this website called blablacar.com. Soon I was off on one of my first European Roadtrips. Hence the excitement to click so many random pictures of mountains from a car. I don’t do that anymore because I now live in this region and can see snow-clad mountains from my balcony.

Within minutes, I found my ride to Nuremberg on a rainy Sunday morning at around 10:00 AM. For around 40 Euros, I would be dropped right in front of my brother’s home in Germany. Apart from real great conversations in a blablacar rideshare, I also got to see the Swiss landscapes on a rather peculiar day.

Back then, I spent a lot of my time indoors. I was very excited during this trip and maybe this excitement on the road in Europe motivated me to do sales for Western Union later, where I would finally end up driving 100s of kilometers a day across the most scenic landscapes of Italy.

Road trip from Milan to Germany through Switzerland

When I made this blog post, driving through Switzerland was an exotic feeling as I spent more time in Italy. Now I live in Austria 6 km from the Swiss border and I now miss some things about Italy. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. But I have to say that life is more efficient here with lesser uncertainties.

There are no airports here though in the immediate vicinity. I would have to either catch a train to Zurich or to Munich. The mountains here can even make it dangerous to drive around in bad weather or nightfall if you move away from the highways.

But there is a lot of beauty to see. Like the Lünersee in Vorarlberg, Austria. A lake on top of a hill. Although I have explored Austria a bit, I am yet to do Switzerland. It can be expensive, but it can also be quite fun. I still, remember the day my bus dropped me in a swiss town during an exciting world cup victory. The whole little city lit up with celebrating people and honking cars. I was offered beer by strangers as well!

So getting stranded in Switzerland need not be such a bad scenario.















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