Why Hacksaw Ridge is the ultimate movie on Individualism?

Hacksaw Ridge, Individualism and Entrepreneurship

Hacksaw Ridge is one of my favorite World War 2 movies and I highly recommend it. The movie starts slow and focuses on the story of a naughty kid who is led on a positive path after some events in his personal life. He becomes a conscientious objector who wants to serve in the army as a medic. But with a raging war going on, his choice to not undergo arms training doesn’t go well with his superiors and colleagues. Hence, he gets bullied for his independent thoughts. After a lot of struggle with a strong conviction, he finally manages to head into war without a rifle.

Hacksaw Ridge is a true story of courage and foresight during a very difficult time. It is directed by Mel Gibson, who is one of my favorite actors and directors. The aggression and heroism in war are just as impressive as in Braveheart and The Patriot. However, unlike those movies, the protagonist here is engaged only in saving lives. Mil Gibson´s character in Braveheart or The Patriot is of a trained strong killer who becomes a natural leader. On the other hand, in Hacksaw Ridge, the protagonist is more like Gandhi. The protagonist redefines the rules of the war as he successfully rescues loads of his injured countrymen from the aggressive Japanese army. He starts with a very small circle of influence. But as the battle rages, he expands his circle of influence with each life he saves.

When he finally comes down the Hacksaw Ridge, the rest of his army colleagues look upon him as a hero.

The Americans further redefine the rules taking the brutality to a whole different level at a later stage. I shall save that story for a review on Oppenheimer. But here you see a pacifist war hero, doing what he is good at. He put himself in the right place at the right time despite all opposition believing in the outcomes of his actions.

Entrepreneurs can benefit a lot by embracing this mindset of individualism as it focuses on taking ownership of their own lives.

What lessons on Individualism can one learn from Hacksaw Ridge?

Moral Compass

The protagonist sticks to pacifism and doesn’t touch a gun even when he is running into a deadly battle. This creates a conflict with his superiors and fellow soldiers. He serves in the army as a medic instead of a rifleman.


He is very committed to his belief in saving as many lives as he can. His unwavering conviction finally gains him massive respect from everyone who has doubts about his abilities in war.


He wages the war in his own way by saving lives. He challenges the conventional idea of heroism on the battlefield.


He not only saves American lives but also saves some Japanese as well. Compassion is nurtured by individual kindness.

The Power of Individual Action: Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge and Entrepreneurship

In today’s age of information overload, it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and criticism. Hacksaw Ridge, however, offers a powerful message: focus on your own positive impact. Just like the protagonist defied convention by prioritizing saving lives despite his pacifist beliefs, entrepreneurs can achieve incredible things by charting their own course.

Individualism as Your Entrepreneurial Compass:

While you might not always agree with authority figures, dwelling on that is unproductive. Instead, channel that energy into defining your own success. In the world of entrepreneurship, this translates to setting your own goals and playing by your own rules. Don’t be confined by others’ expectations; push boundaries and redefine what’s possible.

Unleashing Your Uniqueness: The Secret Sauce of Success

Many jobs feel monotonous because they stifle your individuality. Embrace your unique experiences and perspectives! As an entrepreneur, your distinctive approach sets you apart. Don’t just meet minimum targets, strive to achieve the extraordinary.

Individualism in Action: Owning Your Success

Great companies are built on the strength of their people’s unique contributions. As an entrepreneur, harness your individualism to find innovative solutions and develop a winning strategy. Believe in your ability to accomplish something incredible, and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business that reflects your vision and values.


Hacksaw Ridge isn’t just a war film; it’s a testament to the power of individual conviction. It is truly very uplifting and shows the power a single individual can hold in the face of adversity. Desmond Doss’s unwavering belief in his pacifism and his commitment to saving lives serve as a powerful inspiration.

Entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Desmond Doss’s story. By embracing individualism, they can forge their own paths, define their own success, and contribute something unique to the world. Just like Doss defied expectations on the battlefield, entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and their vision can achieve remarkable things.

An Entrepreneur is just like Desmond Doss as he creates value and jobs for people in an infinite-sum manner and not in a zero-sum way.

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