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Hacksaw Ridge is a great war movie and a must watch. For those lacking patience like me, the initial start of the movie may seem a bit slow and depressing. Especially on a bad cam version like that posted above earlier before it was taken down for obvious copyright reasons. The film gets really fun once he enrolls in the army.

A true story of courage and foresight during a difficult time. The protagonist redefines the rules of the war as he successfully rescues loads of his injured country men from the aggressive Japanese.

The Americans further redefine the rules taking the brutality to a whole different level on a later stage. Nonetheless ensuring peace from then on. But here you see a pacifist war hero, doing what he is good at. Putting himself in the right place at the right time in spite of all opposition believing in the outcomes of his actions.

Are you prepared to take the road not taken?

In today’s world, with transparent access to information about our politicians, we have taken to praising or mocking to a whole different level. While we all may have our predisposed opinions, a wonderful lesson to learn from Hacksaw Ridge is to think of the bigger picture. In spite of not wanting to fight. the protagonist wanted to save lives and that he surely did in big numbers.

You may not like your elected politician or their whimsical policies, but that should not matter. You do not control what has already happened, but you can influence what will happen in the future. Make your own rules and win the game.

You may be in a boring job. But the moment you redefine the rules to play your own game setting up own objectives, you win. ¬†Instead of limiting yourself with someone else’s expectations you define your limits. Without limits, you exceed others expectations. Thats is when you go to work like a boss.

Very often, in a job its very important to bring in some of your unique experience. So as to influence the results in a way like now one else could ever do. More importantly its important to believe you can accomplish something incredible in your job rather than just meet minimum targets.


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