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Compiling a list of inspirational movie scenes  is a great idea to attract traffic to your website. Oh yeah, I am the kind of guy who loves to get pumped up, rise that Dopomine level to get all ready to work on a task.

Here is an updated list of the best inspirational and motivating movie scenes. Have two videos from Bollywood and would love to add more foreign language scenes.

Having spent most of my childhood watching movies I do not expect the millennial generation to wake up and do something much different. I know they will be seeking inspiration from movies because all the other adults are too busy resolving their own problems to give a F about millennial motivation, except these guys in Hollywood and Bollywood.

If you are indeed searching for the most inspirational movie scenes, you came to the right place. Not every one has the luxuries of repetition like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow.

UPDATE: Two new inspiring movie scenes added

Indians looking for the best inspirational movie scenes, need not look further. This Indian dude who calls himself Shifuji, is a martial arts and physical training expert apart from being a pompous, bad mouthed jingoist. None the less, he can deliver his dialogues well in Hindi and can be appreciated as an interesting actor. Here in this Tiger Shroff starring film named Baaghi , our macho Shifuji delivers a very powerful dialogue in Hindi.
Its translation in English goes like this:

A Deer wakes up in the morning in a Jungle, thinking to itself that if it does not run fast enough today it may not survive the day. The same day, a Lion/Tiger (not the actor who coincidently has a name Tiger) wakes up thinking to itself that if today it does not run fast enough, it may die of hunger. Be it a Deer or a Lion/Tiger, everyone has got to run. 

The rest of the dialogue is too Bollywood.

Loved this line so much, that I was sure that it was too good to be original. So I Google searched the variants of the African proverb to find this interesting website that has investigated the usage and origins of the Fable of the Lion and Gazelle and its variants.

Its important to understand that you could be nothing or everything, but you would still need to run to keep going.

Jean Claude Van Damme is back this time as the Sensei Trainer making one of the coolest inspirational training videos of 2016. If you jump to 2:20, you get to see Jean Claude Van Damme deliver some solid wisdom to the Padhawan.

Van damme states it plan and simple “If you afraid to die in a fight with  David Bautista you are dead” (Oh yes you guessed it right, that guy from WWE who made it big in life like Trump calling himself mean Tong Po in this film).

Here is my list of most inspiring movie scenes:

1) Al pacino in “Any given Sunday”

You could hear this on an on again. Very inspirational speech before the final game, where Al pacino as the coach delivers a discourse that will leave him as one of the Immortals like Shakespeare for years to come on this blog and of course on Youtube.

2) Sylvestor Stallone in “Rocky Balboa”

The Rocky films are great. Having watched Rocky in my childhood, It always motivated me to to go to the gym and do sport. I was a real sporty guy earlier. Maybe, Ill go for a run after drafting this blog.

But do watch Rocky explain why its so important to go on. Many kids training for a sport, and who dont see success early give up as they dont realize that all it was going to take was a little more time to see favorable results. The need to keep going, to take the hits, but to make sure to advance. Of course not going full Napolean in Waterloo.

3) Kurt Russell in “Miracle (2004)”

USA vs The Soviets, the most interesting theme for many films. The Americans Ice Hockey team were the underdogs, but as the coach said “..if we play them 10 times they might win 9, but not this game..not tonight..tonight we skate with them…tonight we stay with them..and we shut them down because we can…tonight we are the greatest hockey team in the world..”

4)The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants

This is a great scene which shows how our own limitations of thought put us down. Today I am writing a blog at an age of 29. Everyone smiles about it as a blog is something “ do when you are younger..” is something I often heard. Maybe they are right, but that doesnt meant this website is only going to remain as a silly blog sharing youtube videos.

Maybe becomes something huge one day. You only know when you give it your best. The facing the giants death crawl speech will keep school kids motivated to push them self out of their comfort zone. But it is still recommended to take it easy and not push yourself too much in to exhaustion.

5)Warrior – Inspirational training scene to the Beethowen!

The film “Warrior” is a must watch. I liked it so much that I have posted 2 scenes from the film and I can guarantee you there is much more in this underrated gem. The story of 2 estranged brothers competing to win at all costs in a brutal but rewarding Mixed Martial Arts competition.

Here is a scene with Brandon (the elder brother, Physics school teacher facing the brunt of the financial crisis competing to save the family house from mortgage payments.

Inspiration to all of us who may feel old thinking its too late and all lost to get back at life one more time giving it all your energy and dedication. Getting in the zone where nothing else matters. You may be an Underdog and that is exactly why you need to keep going and keep training for your day will come.

6)Warrior – Inspirational Fight and Speech (Brandon vs Koba)

Fighting the stereotypical big strong Russian guy. Its not about the strength, it the the one who is willing to get hit and keep going. The one motivated more in order to fulfill his basic needs. If you corner a little Kitty and leave it no escape, it will pounce on you with Lion aggressiveness.

7) “Taare Zameen Par” final scene in Hindi. 

Jump to 7:40 if you wish. Translated in English means “Like Stars on Earth” is a really good 2007 Indian drama film about a dyslexic child. The story of the eight-year-old kid with Aamir Khan the art teacher is inspiring for students under the current Indian education system.

The new art teacher identifies talent in a child who has trouble concentrating in class and motivates him to win the painting competition. I would really rate this on top of India’s best inspirational movie scenes.

Need more motivation, want to watch more inspirational movie scenes?  Need more inspiration for Underdogs? Wish to rebute my claim to the best inspirational movie scenes?

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