Italy goes Bollywood like never before, thanks to Katy Desario here in Virtualmente. As an Indian living in Italy, I really enjoyed this music video and really hope to see more of such stuff in the making. A great song for Indians learning Italian.

Found a very interesting music video on my Facebook wall recently. Click here to watch.



A talented Italian female singer in an Italian/bollywood style music video and the coolest part was that I knew the Indian singer (Krishna Kasela) bringing in the desi fusion to the song, from my work at Western Union. I think Katy has a great voice. Her performance in some live TV shows were top class. Italian songs with a desi touch can be of great help for Indians learning Italian. Singing is definitely a great way to get a strong basic hold of pronunciation in a language. Listening to songs really helps too.

So in case you haven’t yet jumped straight to 2:27 in the Virtualmente, Katy Desario video, you really should now and then comment below if you think Bollywood is ready for an atrice Italiana?


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