Shared Housing Case study of "La Taverna Aquaviva" in Milan
Shared Housing Case study of “La Taverna Aquaviva” in Milan


Shared Housing Case study of  “La Taverna Aquaviva” in Milan

As a 29 year old Indian male living away from home for most part of the last 11 years in different cities and countries, often needing to adapt to local customs , I have always found living with people very beneficial in learning a new language, culture and idea or just to gain motivation from some body else’s energy.

La Taverna Aquaviva is a name chosen by me for the apartment I am sharing for the last 3 years in Milan, Italy. During my stay here, I have met many interesting people.

Made many life changing decisions career wise, added a lot of value to the society capitalizing on skills gained and am currently so happy with my stay here that I write an other blog describing behind the scenes of sharing apartment space with other people. My previous stay at La Taverna Rossi Bonardi is another story of a younger me that wont come all easy on a blog. Too explicit.


Pirates of the Mediterranean Blogging space 

“Behind the mighty oak desk, sat the oldest of them all, a quite Bocconi veteren from a distant land in the east. The excited new tenants from Salento and Sicilia where full of energy, relishing the grand space in the study pimped up with music, and old piano, the old but comfortable couches and the two big tables across the room that have held several drinks during our earlier occasional Italian Great Gatsby parties hosted by Pietro the Pugliese.

Lately the international crowd have returned. The new tenant, a Croatian Architect student and his international buddies from Politechnico show up often. The large space that currently hosts two bloggers on a Saturday evening can be a party paradise as well as a great study room that fosters creativity and idea exchange.

Michele from Catania, Sicilia feels very inspired from his stay here. He has taken up to blogging and has begun to question things around him like never before. But where did all this come from?

Some of these ideas as new and radical may have very well originated from a previous tenant who no longer lives here. But everyone have left behind a legacy for others to follow.

Who Blogs wins!

Captain Milan Ka Raja is from the distant land of Hyderabad. He is the oldest tenant and has served many years of life in apartments across the city.

Living with different people, looking at all of this experience as a hazy map to a Treasure Island imbibed in his head.

The recession in Italy helped sustain a competitive culture with mass mobilization of people towards opportunities. Milan served as a hub for all those ambitious voyagers seeking out for their treasures in life. Over the years, Captain Milan Ka Raja has seen many individuals arrive at the Taverns. Most leave often to a much better life enriched with the experience.

The old Captain himself learned to speak Italian and has worked in several great jobs. Building life long relationships with people he would hardly have met otherwise. The shared apartment creates an optimum balance of comfort and uncertainty. This is very important for young graduates to adapt to as it simulates a competitive life. You learn from your flatmate and you also influence them with your harebrained schemes like writing a Blog on a Saturday evening.

As of 18th March, 2017, this silly blog has fully recovered the cost of its 1 year domain. Next goal is to recover the cost of hosting. Then, I recover the cost of Pizzas eaten while building this blog. The positive thing is the earnings grow exponentially. Like they say in Italian: Vediamo!


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  1. The “auberge espagnole” in Italy but not for studies reason only now but much more for socializing effect and solidarity to the new comer entering the big and fancy Milan to size its dreams.

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