To think is easy, To act is tough, To think and act is the toughest

How much control do we really have on our actions after all? In today’s competitive educational world, we often see scholars with great ideas who may lack abilities in selling their ideas. Mainly because the process of selling the ideas involves a different set of repetitive actions. Usually driven by a different type of motivation in comparison to the motivation to generate a complex idea.

Why we need to diversify as Type 1 and Type 2 worker

You need to mix up your working style to be both a Type 1 and Type 2 worker. In other words, be prepared to work to create something great as a Type 2 worker or just punch in the hours for a paycheck as a Type 1.

My honest belief is that, you build up on confidence while being a Type 1 as you work on easier tasks. Success on Type 1 work also brings in vast learning that will enable you to be a better Type 2.

My approach is to alternate between the two. This helps me become a better Type 2.

Indian demonetization was probably planned by some one with lesser Type 1 experience. The simple common sense that comes from numerous observations seemed to be lacking.

That is why very often you may see the absent-minded genius, who has successfully minimized normal human interactions. As a Type 2, he is exploring something new. To save time and pursue a different goal within his lab as he is not expected to bring in regular quick results.

The Scientist knows that when he succeeds, he can bask in his 15 minutes of fame. This time away from people will affect his ability to engage efficiently in human interactions not because he is an idiot, but just because he is interacting with lesser data from past human interactions.

That is why the old man in the tram behaves like a complete gentleman, standing up to accommodate an old lady, both the senior citizens simulating the most popular human interaction of their time in elegance. Unmoved by the smart phone era and its distractions in public travel. No freelance deadline or missed paychecks to worry. They lived a more risk averse life.

Now let us dig deeper into this to see how our past actions can help in successfully implementing a new action.

Developing executive skills working abroad

Example: Moving into a new city in developed Europe as a migrant from a developing country.

Having spent the first 23 years of my life in India, I was very much influenced by the societal norms of an upper middle class Indian youth in the early 2000s. School was strict, and video games were a luxury. Deep down, a lot of kids of my age knew that they better do good in school if they wanted to escape to a better life.

So we went to school, to extra classes in unregulated environments often trusting self certified experts to help us get in the university of our dreams. The rate race I was part of, was very unnecessary and all it did was producing confused individuals lacking clarity on the future.

Life introspection before your thirties

Looking back, I wouldn’t like to blame anyone as no one seemed to know better. Fortunately, I took part in the rat race at my own pace. Trying my best to lead a normal life along with my studies.

Apart from just absorbing knowledge, we would also fool around a lot. It was during that time of fooling around, playing football on Sunday evenings and chilling late midnight in the IIT campus.  Even in Milan, meeting friends in the Bocconi student dorms ring bells of a confident me taking life in control.

The environment in a student dorm is always positive filled with energy. No where else would you find a bunch of smart and ambitious friendly people. Even after I moved out of University, I have been living a similar life with flat mates. The benefits of shared housing in your youth is tremendous. In spite of the distractions, you are convinced that two brains are better than one.

Let your light shine and liberate others

Hence, as I started on this blog, I was very pleased that my flatmate Michele was working on his own blog. By creating a competitive landscape, I get to reference my Blogging performance.

Blogging is a long trip and Nomads always travel in a caravan.

Fun outside class, was also a sign of more control over my actions. To be able to implement my thoughts in action felt very rewarding. In University, my actions would give me feed back one course or exam a time. In life, I could get feedback in terms of respect and more interesting friends.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Some how Life outside the class looked like a better feedback mechanism that rewards thought and action. University would keep the faint hearted distracted and prepared to serve others in accomplishing their goals. Those with lives outside the classroom seemed to somehow have it all figured out.

I was always fooling around on Facebook during my university days. Would never have guessed that most of my colleagues from engineering school would be figuring out how to best use Facebook to make money.

Maybe the students running around playing Pokemon go will be in the best position to use that technology in some new business.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. It also makes Jack think too much and act little. Thus, keeping away the important iterations needed to be able to effectively implement his ideas.

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