Why Flixbus is awesome
Traveling Milan to Germany via Switzerland by BlaBlaCar.
Traveling Milan to Germany via Switzerland by BlaBlaCar.

Blogging onboard the flixbus from Munich to Milan

The last time I used Internet on public transport was from the ICE train from Nuremberg to Munich. It was comfortable but also not cheap.

Fortunately, long bus travel has never been so fun and convenient before. Thanks to the Flixbus service that connects Europe at a price never seen before.

Considering that I have already begun writing content for my blog in this long 8 hour journey across 4 countries ( Breakfast in Germany, Lunch in Switzerland and Dinner in Italy with brief travel across Austria).

Any Indian reading this blog will understand how much of a difference a service like this can make in increasing productivity. Especially when the Indian alternative would be reading a book for an hour. Or even listening to old music stored in mobile and taking a long nap.


Productivity in terms of saving a few seconds of time can have a big impact when you multiply it by 1 billion people.


Saving time and money in travel

Maybe if all Indians could reach work in half the time they would otherwise need that would directly lead to a big rise in our GDP. The impact of even saving 1 hour on a cumulative basis everyday could make big difference to a country like India.

Bullet trains are great but expensive. Nice roads with a competitive bus service could make our lives much better. With technology, you can easily optimize bookings so as to pass down the savings in service to the passengers. Great public transport can boost tourism, encourage business travel and what not.

Traveling to Rome in 3 hours by the Italian Italo after we reached Milan by flixbus was a great experience.

The interiors is right out of star trek, with automatically sliding bathrooms which need to be carefully handled. In case you entered, closed the door and did not press the lock button, it could suddenly open up just by pressing a button. No more time to rush and close it.

Lessons for India: Need to boost tourism

The Indian government needs to shun nonsensical rhetorics and strive to make the lives of the common people easier.

Ensuring good roads for safe and quick travel will later ensure better national integration. Better civic sense will further boost foreign tourism.

Young graduates will no longer be just desperate job seekers. But they will have a window of opportunities opening up to them. In terms of Employment farther away from home and new opportunities in travel and hospitality.

While our youth these days are left with little options of travel. They tend to often drive themselves and endanger their lives to risky road travel in India.

Moreover, thanks to the Anti-Romeo squads in India, traveling will be restricted among the young masses. Road safety for the privileged Indians has strangely never been a priority. The solution of outsourcing our travel to a driver for a private vehicle is often too expensive.


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