Pick Pockets in Europe

Saved from pick pocket by mysterious Italian ticket collector

So many adventures to blog about when your parents visit you in Europe all the way from India for the first time.

The latest adventure was a pick pocketing incident which happened at the most unlikely time ever. Pick pockets in Europe is as prevalent as pick pockets in Mumbai.

The scheme was well planned by the team of two young female thieves who set eyes on unsuspecting foreign tourists traveling as a family.

The devious two would have got away if it was not for the mysterious ticket collector who disappeared much before we even realized that we were robbed. Luckily we were saved with my dad’s wallet lying untended on the little train table. Not every day do you win over a pick pocket that too in Europe.

I had to actually open it to check whose it was to find the ever precious Indian 100 Rupee notes stacked with some important cards you would really not want to loose while in vacation. The embarrassment was brief, as we immediately decided on safety measures for the rest of our trip in Italy and beyond.

Living here for over 6 years, most sinister cases I heard about where from tourists visiting Barcelona. I could name 4 people right away who have faced this in Spain. To have something happen in Milano Centrale after passing the new security check was rather unexpected.

We had just got into our train to take our seats when the young ladies tried to get us confused in translation. They started claiming one of our seats as theirs. Not wanting to be rude, I tried to explain her in Italian that the seat was ours showing the seat number. They quickly muttered something in Spanish and I am quite sure one of them said “Meera”.

Max Payne mode: When you suspect a threat

I had my guard up, with my portfolio or wallet tightly secured inside my jacket. I thought I was impenetrable as I had already taken enough precaution to travel light that day.

Unfortunately, my parents were also distracted by the charade. As soon as the irritation in my tone rose with suspicion, the girls made an announced realization that they were mistaken and started making a way towards the exit.

I sighed with a victorious look towards my parents . Quickly letting them know that the girls were probably some scamsters aiming for something I didn’t understand. The way one of them acted confident about her interpretation of my ticket had me baffled for a minute. Until they tried to go away but then they were forced to return to silently drop a wallet on our table.

The ticket collector was standing at the entrance shouting portofoglio as one of the girls returned the wallet and disappeared in thin air. I turned to find the wallet full of Indian rupees to realize the big scam we had barely escaped. My Dad staring at the wallet was shocked for a few seconds until my brain processed the whole event.

Having the sudden epiphany, I went ” Son of a bi**h ” lost in thoughts. Reassuring myself, I begun explaining the confused parents the entire ordeal. Of how the entire pick pocket scheme was planned out.

The co passengers listened with complete attention and concern as well. I went full Sherlock Holmes explaining what had just happened.

All is good that ends well

Happy that we didn’t loose anything after all, we settled down thinking about our day ahead. A few minutes later, I switched on my mobile and made a call to the Milan Central Station Security Helpline. They were aware of the incident and I made sure the complaint was made official. Was thanked for my good community service.

Taking things ahead, Here is a Travel Precaution Blog that is very important for everyone.

Every year, tourists loose so much to pick pockets. Though I feel sorry for hungry thieves, the pain in processing all your documents and cards is immense.

Even loosing a mobile phone can be such a painful ordeal for a busy efficient man.

Loosing so many hours in pursuing unnecessary bureaucracy is one hassle we all need to avoid.

MilanKaRaja wishes everyone loads of happy and safe travel. Remember to keep hold your belongings tight always. Europe or Asia, the whole world is the same.

Anti-pickpocket gear: Whats in business?

Maybe it would be a great idea to get yourself some anti-pickpocketing gear. I am not an expert, have been robbed once in my life. The next time my friend lost his wallet, I tracked the thief down after a month in New Delhi.

After many years, alert myself was able to save my own wallet, but I completely forgot I was with my parents who needed protection too.

hence, I hope google helps me out here and posts some cool anti theft gadgets around this post.

Here is what I know is present in the market.

  • Carry a money belt: A small zipped pouch that fastens under your waist below your pants or shirt.
  • Try to find an anti-theft bag: What is it, maybe lets hope the google adsense algorithm places it up on this website.
  • Anti theft wallets: They do exist. No I am not going to Google search for one and post it here for you. Do it yourself. Or wait for Google to spam my website with anti-theft accessories ads. Google likes to fool around, maybe they realize that I am not a pick pocket victim expert and have not used any of these fancy gadgets ever in my life.



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