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Venice: Why the season is important for European travel

Traveling to Europe for the first time? Check weather!

Make sure the season is appropriate to make the best of your time in Europe. Surprisingly, most tourists are so busy preparing the documents that they don’t research well about the weather. I myself reached Milan wearing thick winter clothes on a warm sunny day. I was flying in from Moscow though so was obviously over dressed. The Season is very important for European travel especially for a city like Venice. Traveling to Venice for the third time, I was convinced of this.

You need to plan your activities in advance based on the weather forecast. Very import to have the best time traveling Europe.

Venice in Summer
Venice in Summer

Venice: Case study for seasonal travel

Speaking from personal experience of visiting Venice in Summer, Autumn and Winter, I have begun to realize the big difference climate can make to your trip.

Summers are the best when it comes to most Italian cities. Longer days allow you to see much more with increased daylight. While the winter fog may allow you to enjoy off season prices with a more private travel experience.
You could travel lighter in Summers sporting your pricey Made in Italy shades. While in Winters you may get to sample the best Italian food in off season prices.

Finding the washroom during Summers can be challenging, while in Winters you would be welcomed in every little shop like royalty.

Do check the Farini Bakery for some nice warmth, fresh coffee and XL size muffins. Dont know if it the best muffin made in Venice, but you really don’t want to be searching through the Venetian maze to find places.

Though the weather is pleasant in the summers the alleys will be full of crowded tourists. In Winters you may visit the little pubs located towards Piazza San Marco. Have not yet sample Made in Venice Liquor except for the Vino della Casa.

Winter in Venice is cosy and mysterious, but the summer allows you to make Venice a true coastal vacation experience with swimming, boat rides and hoards of tourists.

As an Age of Empires fan, boating through Venice in the summer is an exhilarating experience. With magnificent monuments in white welcoming you along the islands. I actually saw a lot of tourists from Asia in the December winter.

The fog was so intense that we could hardly see the magnificent structures across Piazza San Marco on the Islands separated by around 200 meters of water.

Venice in Winter
Venice in Winter
Venice in Winter
Venice in Winter

The glass is half full of water and half full of air

It all comes down to your taste in movies finally. If you like mystery like Sherlock Holmes, then you may be a winter person. If you like Mediterranean adventures, then you are a Summer person. Whatever the time you pick, try to see the glass as full with half water and half air and you will end up having a very memorable vacation in Europe.

If you really long for the Sun so much,make sure to hit the souther Italian cities. Even Rome welcomed us with great sunshine in mid December.

Make sure to diversify your visits across latitudes, is what a Traveling Finance guy would recommend. Visit a few cities across countries in a visit, not too many and not too few.

Rome in Winter
Rome in Winter


My parents prepared to return to India, covering Germany and Italy in detail. With a nice bus trip through the Swiss Alps, I have to say that I couldn’t have planned a better itinerary than this.

The winter was tough, but the Christmas markets bring cheer and celebrate the cold across European cities. With warm Gluhwein and elegant toy shops that even forbid photographs because the stuff is so good inside.


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