Not a Modi Bhakt and no Whataboutism, Just Fascism

Trip to Rome turns to Pro Modi Blog
Colosseum, Trip to Rome turns to Pro Modi Blog

Travel to Rome can be a very enriching experience. From stories of Nero and Mussolini, there is a lot to learn even for the politically inclined. Rome was not built in a day and hence its history provides lots of useful insight.

Analyzing current Indian politics while retrospecting Roman political history allows for a much needed point of view missing in the Indian media.

Every cloud has a silver lining,

and here I am trying to see the glass full of water and air. In other words, after lambasting against the faults of Demonetization in previous articles, I present another view favorable to our Indian right wing.

No leader wishes to be despised so much, and everyone thinks they understand Macchiavelli very well. In the case of our Indian “Duce”, he surely could use better advisors around.

Not just a translator of Fascism 101. Some one who can think beyond the outcomes of using fascism for economic development. The term “Duce” meaning “Leader” was used to refer to Italy’s famous dictator Benito Mussolini.

The word fascism is hated so much, but we still see implementation of its ideas across the world. A trip to Rome helped me to distance away from the hypocrisy and embrace the pros of the concept.

My opinions are usually socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Therefore, I try to identify the economic pros of fascism ignoring the rest.

Machiavelli & Mussolini: Pizza & Pasta of Italian Politics

Italian food is more than just Pizza and pasta. Nonetheless, people from all across the world care less about the achievements of Garibaldi and love to browse more about Machiavelli and Mussolini.

Fascism with its origins in Italy stresses on obedience and discipline in unity. It is associated with massive infrastructure spending as decision making is all centralized to one man. If we all listen to that one man, we will function as a stronger force that can move in one direction. Do you see any logic in this?

Imagine a bunch of twigs tied together. Breaking the twigs tied together is more difficult then breaking each of the individual sticks. Fascism thus stresses on unity and discipline to get things done.

If the government decides on road construction, then all energy is put into achieving it with minimum obstacles.

Considering that too much crony Democracy could not revive our masses from extreme poverty, India has its reasons to prefer Fascism. The rise of Fascism often takes places when there is too much of chaos around and you really wish to see one person taking all the responsibility of the mess. In return you grant him full privileges to act as he wishes.

The idea is to have a bunch of motivated individuals who believe in the leader whole heartedly. No room for dissent as that will act as an obstacle. Hence, everyone is expected to be brainwashed to act for the greater good.

This brainwashing works best when the negatives of fascism are kept away from the large public. Best way to do this is to keep your population away from foreign literature or media. Keep them distracted and then they will sooner or later fall for the bait of fascism.

Italian oregano wont work on Indian curry?

Just because Hitler and Mussolini managed big economic growth, the same may not work for other functioning societies. Also, what followed the economic growth was a bunch of really bad decisions that led to massive loss of human life.

Even surprising is when the frame work of Fascism in India adopts all the cons and few of the pros from this interesting article on Fascism.

Faster decision making process is not efficiently utilized in India. It is merely an excuse to skip due diligence. Quite often misused by unqualified leaders in power.

Decision making needs to be done for the long term. Consistency is rewarded by risk averse foreign investors. Moving to a low interest rate regime, it is time to reduce the risk in India. Investors seeking for riskier Frontier markets can invest in Pakistan.

Mussolini’s Blackshirts and Modi’s Orange shirts

Comparing the authoritative styles of Mussolini and Modi, one may wonder if our Indian Duce can earn some of the respect earned by the former dictator. Making India a regional power with a strong military would help Modi tremendously.

Thats what they say about Mussollini, he was a military genius who tried to bring back the glory of the ancient Roman empire. He strengthened the military they say, and that may very well be true of a nationalist leader who brought Italy to new heights.

On this front, we may still have to wait and watch Modi, who has a long way to go in building trust and respect among the masses ever since the Demonetization debacle.

Like the Italian Blackshirts, our own Orange shirts have taken to attacking the leftists. In return they are well rewarded for their loyalty.

Post Demonetization India: Kal Yug or Acche din?

As of November,2016, the Indian stock market hasn’t gone anywhere since Modi came to power. While our troubled neighbor Pakistan has seen its stock market go up around 400-500% in the past 5 years.

However, the first three months of 2017 has brought the Nifty to new heights. While experts bicker about the GDP calculation, the government may still succeed in boosting tax collections.

Have been treated like Cacofonix in Asterix & Obelix, every time I post criticism about our great Indian Demonetization and other harebrained schemes from our Indian “Duce” (Leader in Italian). Today I stand by the famous “Altare della Patria” from where Mussolini addressed the Italian nation, and by the ruins of what remained after Nero fiddled.- MilanKaRaja while touring Rome 

Maybe we took the bitter pill, that will take us to great heights in the medium to long term. We were already a regional power, going cashless successfully would definitely be a big boon.

Kal Yug (Age of Downfall), because the world is on to digital currency when our masses are yet to see enough of paper currency. Acche din (Good days), if the Indian Rupee stands strong under stronger fiscal management and earnings growth.

Fascism for India is a desperate step for a desperate time.

Modi & Mussolini: Who’s the better Salesman?

When Hitler visited Rome, Mussolini had arranged a big military parade to please his German buddy. Here is where Mussollini and Modi think alike.The English tour guide showing us around the Colosseum and Pantheon had an interesting anecdote for us.

Supposedly, the Italian army marched in one uniform along the Altare della Patria in Rome, to only quickly run behind, change uniforms and march again as a different regiment. Silly Hitler thought Mussolini had his back seeing the huge military parade.

Our Indian Duce too has trouble with numbers, be it opening 40% new bank accounts under Jhan Dhan Yojna with 0 and 1 rupee deposits, or inflating our GDP with a new calculation to woo foreign investors.

Both the leaders sly and ambitious. Like his Italian counterpart, Modi wishes to challenge Indians to take a more active role in nation building. Be it by motivation or irritation.

I would not have written this blog if things were all “tutto ok“(All good) in India. To make the citizens feel that their privileged life styles was under threat helped Italy go after the Mafia. In India’s case, only time will tell what social evil will Modi stop in his tenure.

Why do I have a sudden change in mind towards Modi. From openly criticizing Demonetization, why do I have a sudden change in heart?

Why all this optimism on a pro Modi blog?

Here is an other take towards our Duce. Firstly, bad publicity is still publicity. No significant news channel can ignore India’s Demonetization. They may criticize after a month of analysis, but they will be putting the news up every where. One more topic on the Dinner table. One more reason to talk about India.

Why should only some countries have all the fun when it comes to everyday conversations. Let the story of Demonetization be spoken about in length by analysts, journalists, economists, researchers, common people, tourists and absolutely everyone. Just by being in the news, you attract a new segment of people.

From investors seeking out for fiscally strong rupee based assets to those attracted with the drop in asset prices to enter long. Investors all around the world are now seeking to profit from the new trend in Indian economy.


Looking at Indian Demonetization after 6 months


Secondly, to have a growing GDP, you do need a little momentum. One way would be to slide down and make a U turn recovery pointing GDP growth upward.

After Demonetization, Foreign Investors have been flocking in to invest in India. The expectations of a stronger rupee makes it favorable for Investors. Demonetization was a successful marketing gimmick for attracting foreign investment.

Always buy good stocks that suddenly fall in value due to some temporary one time shock.

Also, may be what we had going was not enough, and the best of Indian minds felt threatened by Bitcoin and Digital Currency.

As Indians are getting richer and the only way to push the big money earners or the educated lot to earn more would be to create an artificial financial situation. Something that would push them out of their comfort zones again.


Rome Museum, Trip to Rome turns to Pro Modi Blog
Rome Museum, Trip to Rome turns to Pro Modi Blog
Altare della Patria, From where Mussolini addressed Italy
Altare della Patria, From where Mussolini addressed Italy

Pro Modi Optimism and why India could use a Mussolini



Mussolini is widely despised as a fascist around the world. The man who inspired Hitler, but for what good reasons?

I have never researched the benefits of fascism until now. As I see the implementation of fascism in my own country, my only hope was that something good comes out of all this.

Fortunately, there seems to be more to fascism then just committing war crimes.

Modi is obviously interested in bringing Indians closer. Closer to two opposing poles rather. He accomplishes this by challenging them and dividing them into two groups. Those with him and those against him.

India has been spending big in improving our army. We also have exuberant cultural events and heavy spending on massive structures. The aim is to gather worldly attention, making the nation look extra impressive.

Demonetization would have succeeded in achieving socio economic equality, if it was implemented better. The loopholes and the constraints on the poor has affected them adversely across the nation.

Nonetheless, the government may succeed in improving the tax collected to GDP ratio when it implements the GST.  Also considering the rise in FinTech and Bitcoins, PM Modi may have acted in haste in order to counter the threat of loosing Indian rupees to digital currency schemes.

Moreover, The Indian digital currency market had to compete immediately. Matter of national security, although acted in haste.



Will India’s gamble with Fascism work?



Maybe Modi believes that a tough Dad would bring up tough children. The way he likes to twist children’s ears in a playful manner is actually a little creepy. To balance your stick with carrots is an art honed by personal experience of struggle and compassion.

Does our Duce have it, only time will tell. Will MilanKaRaja become a Modi Bhakt? Not at all. I was one of the first AAPtards complaining solo on FB.

But with time, I see Modi’s style of work does have some sound foresight. A perspective very Machiavellian. Why shouldn’t the average India learn about Machiavelli? Who will teach them worldly wisdom apart from the great Indian supreme leader.

Helping a private domestic corporate become a big player in the digital market would not be such a bad idea in India. If the fastest way to bring Internet connection to the Indian masses is by helping an old buddy, why not?

Why invest in Education when the private sector can can do it by itself using technology?

The mindset is very goal oriented. The path to the goal seems less important.

Nothing new, those who help the government will get helped by the government. Clear motivation is defined.


Will Fascism in India succeed in uplifting the masses?


Firstly, I really hope that Indians apart from Bhakts, succeed to keep up with the schemes of our supreme leader to find prosperity. Then the lessons in precaution and planning among the masses would really rise up a lot.

For once, Indians understand the importance of financial planning. No more outsourcing it all to the government in form of high rate fixed deposits. No more easy real estate deals without adding much value. Modi just raised the difficulty level in India. Good or bad, just don’t ask a Modi Bhakt.

Indians have hesitatingly chosen fascism to boost government finances and speed up the decision making process.

Will Modi succeed in bringing socio economic equality and better law and order in our Indian society?

Finally, will we see only the cons and none of the pros of Fascism?


*Modi Bhakt refers to a staunch supporter of PM Modi’s political beliefs

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