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To be funny or not to be funny is not a joke. While humor and laughter can be powerful tools for stress relief and emotional well-being, they are not always recognized as such. Traditionally, jokes served to strengthen group bonds and avoid conflict, often poking fun at cultural quirks and social dynamics. Today, however, stand-up comedy with its emphasis on individual voice, self-deprecating humor, and sarcasm, reflects a growing wave of individualism alongside diverse comedic styles. This paradigm shift started with Canadian Indian Russel Peters who became very popular due to technology like YouTube. Platforms like The Viral Fever and The Screen Patti, plus rising stand-up comics across pubs and cafes, embraced this shift, showcasing diverse voices and pushing the boundaries of traditional humor.

However, this shift has not been smooth. Lately, on Twitter, you see a lot of retaliation against memes and jokes of poor taste. While one cannot ask individuals to not take offense and overreact, one can consider relooking at our laws and how they may be abused for retaliation against one´s opponents in today´s age. Maybe Freedom of Speech needs more legal protection so that a bad joke does not get you arrested.

In the below tweet, you see a user apologizing for making a poor joke on a handicapped para-archer.

Nonetheless, despite the hiccups, Indians are pushing the boundaries of traditional humor and making hilarious jokes like never before.

Who Needs Therapy When You Can Just Laugh at Yourself?

An Indian version of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is shown below as “Swasth Rahiye, Vyast Rahiye, Mast Rahiye” which in English means “Stay Healthy, Stay Busy and Stay Happy”. Comedy or Humor is key to following this framework as it provides numerous benefits to individuals and society, both on a physical and psychological level.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins leading to a sense of well-being and stress relief. Humor can elevate mood as it serves as a natural antidepressant. Moreover, it also enhances social bonding as you share a laugh with others and grow camaraderie. This facilitates communication. Even your immune system would thank you for enjoying a joke. You can boost your creativity and problem-solving skills as comedy often involves connecting unrelated ideas. This encourages a playful and open mindset conducive to innovation. It also improves your cardiovascular health, improves workplace culture, and can help you cope with difficult situations by providing a lighthearted perspective.

"Stay Healthy, stay busy and stay happy."
Why comedy is key to a good life.

4 options to enjoy Indian comedy and humor

Why the Kapil Sharma Show is synonymous with Comedy?

The Kapil Sharma show is one of the most popular Indian family comedy shows. It is especially very popular among middle-aged Indian adults as it is a blend of various types of humor. There is a lot of satire, observational, and slapstick comedy with the host Kapil Sharma mocking everyone and everyday situations while one male team member performs as a woman. Moreover, the show brings in celebrities and has a lot of audience interaction. Recent episodes even have one session that includes reading out witty comments from the social media profiles of the guests.

Stand up comedy is like a box of chocolates

Stand-up is to comedy what startup is to entrepreneurship. Just like how most startups fail, most stand-up comedians may not meet your expectations. But you will discover someone who does sooner or later because of the vast choice of talent available. YouTube is full of Indian stand-ups, while Amazon Prime and Netflix too have roped some in.

Youtube skits and parodies make me nostalgic

Surprise Comedy Links! (Skip to specific sections for individual video descriptions)

  1. Bollywood’s Hilarious Roast: If you are familiar with Bollywood films and actor Hrithik Roshjan, then you won’t stop laughing after watching “Critic Roshan“.
  2. Terrorist Tickle: Screenpatti turns the “ticking bomb” trope on its head with Kebab, a lazy, Mia Khalifa-loving goofball. It’s dark comedy gold, but not for the easily offended! (Click here for “Lazy Terrorist“)
  3. Mohabbatein Meltdown: This classic TVF skit pokes fun at the Bollywood film and its influence. If you hated the movie, you’ll adore this! (Click here for “Mohhabbatein Marijuana“)
  4. TVF vs. AIB: Prefer subtle humor? Check out TVF’s high-quality spoofs. Crave the goofy and vulgar? AIB’s your jam! (Click here for “AIB Demonetization” and “TVF Bhai Ho” spoof)

Bonus: While living in Milan for 7 years, online videos have been my entertainment lifeline. These Indian gems are must-watches, even if your Hindi’s rusty. Enjoy!

Indian movies are the OG of Humor

Indian comedy movies don’t usually receive much international validation, but there is a vast gold mine to be discovered here. You really have so much of content from years that you would never run out of entertainment. With AI tools making movie dubs better, the world will be laughing at Indian comedy in the years to come.

In 1994, about 2 months after the release of the hit American sitcom “Friends”, the cult Indian Hindi comedy film “Andaz Apna Apna” was released. The funny coincidence here was how Aamir Khan and Salman Khan in this Indian film resembled Mathew Perry and Matt LeBlanc from Friends.

Govinda is an Indian actor who became synonymous with comedy for most of the 1990s. More recently, Action Hero Akshay Kumar transitioned into a great comic himself.

Once you are done with all of this Bollywood content, you can follow the Rabbit Trail and discover Telugu and Tamil movies as well.


Indian humor has been evolving as India evolved from a collectivistic society to a more individualistic society. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, soon even the audience of this comedy will be evolving as a larger audience will soon be able to access Indian content with ease and not have to worry about language barriers. You have such a wide variety of options to chose from, that there is something definitely available for all tastes. As Humor has such a vast range of health benefits, it is essential to our well being just like walking or exercise is. So if you run out of funny content, do give Indian comedy a shot!

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