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Health is wealth, and thats why you should

Health is wealth, and thats why you should
Health is wealth, and thats why you should

A health blog a day keeps a doctor away

People all over the world take certain steps to ensure better health. So as to be more productive, stronger, look better, live longer and what not. In India, the older generation often stress more on proper diet and less on exercise and environment.

Lately, the problems with city life, pollution and lack of exercise is gaining more attention. With more people flocking to gyms in India, a nice health blog can be of a great help.

Living in Europe, I have often seen people pushing their limits to exercise for a better health. Even in cold winter mornings, a morning run keeps many Italians fit and prepared to face the challenges of life.

Europe provides a convenient gateway to escape city life. The numerous protected natural parks around most cities are well connected by roads and highways. The cost of not investing in your health regularly at a young age will get you back at a later date. Hence however busy we may be, we all need to indulge in good healthy food and exercise on a regular basis.

I am not an expert in Health, but my child hood was pretty cool. I played a lot of sport, ate a lot of good food like lamb, chicken, fish and fresh vegetables with bread and rice. Good diet and exercise helped me to grow taller than the average Indian.

My diet in Italy got further refined with more sea food, less spice and more salads. Staying at home with family in India, I lived a great life in terms of food and comfort. Living by myself with flat mates in Milan city center, I have loads of work to do and plan. As busy as life may get, avoiding regular exercise and healthy food can affect my productivity.

Health tips for the modern Indian

The traditional Indian, living by the farms enjoyed a more healthy lifestyle. Relying more on high fibrous millets, my parents and grand parents had a great diet.

Occupied with chores around the house and the fields, Village life in India is great. From fresh farm milk to early morning walks in the open fields, rural country life in India is so much better. My parents miss it more and for good reasons.  Living in polluted Indian cities life has changed a lot within a generation.

Living in Milan, I have good access to nature around me. But some how the brown muddy Indian soil that I have detested during my Tennis games in childhood brings a pleasant feeling of nostalgia every time I return home.

I would like my blog to be a side project, while I work and spend more time in the gym and eating good home food during vacations. To be efficient enough to do all of this, will require you to go in to a sport mode. How do I know, I was traveling for 2 weeks with my Parents, carrying most of the luggage around burning several calories , covering over 15 kms everyday in travel.

Europe is a convenient place, but not for Indians spoilt with comfortable vehicles like an “Auto Rikshaw” carrying them from any point A to B at a fraction of the cost.  Unlike in India, in Europe, you would try to avoid Taxis, to travel by Metro, Tram, Bus to spend the same Auto Rikshaw money on public transport along with a little walking among crowds. Taking a Taxi in Milan is quite expensive, but can be used in groups sometimes.

Why read a health blog?

Now Health like Finance is for everyone. But we are not all experts and we don’t want to pay some one too much for it all the time. So the smart people reading blogs here can gain a lot of knowledge from experts like my friends from

Have a tooth ache? don’t know what to eat to build muscle mass? or you just need help with your health insurance? Before you pay for an expert, just read for free what the online experts have to say.

With over 6 years of content covering over 300 pages, this blog is not just a wikipedia of healthy information, but a genuine source of info based on experience and time. This piece on muscle building is very informative, where they speak about building lean muscle and bulky muscle.

Living in Europe, I have great access to food available conveniently at least. I do long for Indian or Asian cookingBut when in Rome eat like a Roman, there is a lot of health information included in this phrase.

Health is wealth, and thats why you should 

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