Must watch Indian Online comedy (Hindi and little English):

Have 2 surprise videos from TVF and AIB below. Enjoy one at a time, by clicking on the relevant links that will open a youtube tab. Living in Milan, Italy for 6 years, online videos have been very entertaining.

  • Critic Roshan, Hello Guys, Bang Bang!

    • Any one who watches Bollywood will find this hilarious. A bit uncensored but definitely a must watch uncensored Indian online comedy with lot of Hindi and little English.
    • Screenpatti has showed me some awesome talented people. Continue to watch the other Critic Roshan videos, as they are Fantastic! Bang Bang! Must watch Guys! Click here to watch Critic Roshan.
  • Screenpatti’s Lazy Terrorist:

    • Screenpatti takes a dig at the stereotypical terrorist we hear about from Hollywood and Bollywood. But this ticking time bomb is named Kebab. He loves Miah Khailfa and is lazy, clumsy and funny as hell. Must watch uncensored ScreenPatti videos.
    • Hope people dont find this video offensive and take it in good spirits as dark comedy maybe? Indian Online comedy hits a new high with this one. Click here to watch the Lazy Terrorist:
  • Screenpatti’s Mohabbatein Marijuana:

    • This classic is so awesome for some one like me who so much hated a film like  Mohabbatein and the effects it had on many of my retard friends and teachers. I loved cable and was fortunate to have cable during a time frame too short from being manipulated by the governments control. I watched my TV in English with a wide selection of great television from the 90s , 2000s and before.
    • Presently, even American TV sucks. Thanks to ScreenPatti, TVF and AIB in at least trying to bring some originality, watch Indian Online comedy (Lot of Hindi and little English) here. Click here to watch Mohhabbatein Marijuana:

TVF has high quality subtle Indian humour, while AIB has more vulgar goofy “Indian” humor. I really liked this All India Bakchod, AIB video on Demonetization though, was well made, informative and had great acting.

This TVF Bhai spoof is a classic must watch Indian online video.
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