Why you should collaborate to get things done faster and better

Benefits of Team Work: Omnipresent

Benefits of Team Work, Elephants in Lisbon Zoo
Benefits of Team Work, Elephants in Lisbon Zoo

I walking home from the supermercato in Milan on a typical rainy winter day.  Was soon going to appreciate the simple everyday learnings of life. Stuff that is imbibed in all of us subconsciously but nonetheless has to be highlighted again in a blog. To create more content of course. Simple life lessons from every day experiences need to be shared.

Looking forward to cooking my big meal of the day, I hurried out to the nearest super market near my home in the Corvetto area of Milan on a dark rainy evening. The locals love the sun and always complain of the rain and darkness in the Milano winter.

I too love the summers actually, but there is this sense of privacy and quietness that you get to appreciate during the winters. With every one covered from head to toe, the population is usually indoors staying warm and cosy with their expensive riscaldamento or heating.

Pushed out of comfort zone? Make a team!

As I stepped across the Anti Theft Detector in the supermarket, I set out an alarm which made me realize that I had not yet cut out the tag from my new Jacket. Explaining the Elementary to the Watson of the supermarket, I made a little demonstration taking off my jacket and walk by the ATD to prove that it was the Jacket.

The lady at the cash counter kept repeating that it was just a safety measure and definitely a mistake. But she still was super curious to examine the jacket. On finding the uncut tag, she lectured me on why I should remove it. Of course I knew that I had to take it out. I am yet to remove the tag, maybe I do it before the next time I have to visit a super market. This is not lazy me, its just stick to the flow and finish your blog now mode.

Some how, the feeling that if things remain within my comfort zone I will be able to work more. The feeling of remaining in your comfort zone may sometimes make you want to stay away from people. Nonetheless, you can always accomplish double with an other person.

Walking home with my spotify music running loud on my ear phones, I realized why the lady at the supermarket was shouting, she was just trying to get through these awesome new florescent green colored earphones, Made in France I bought on Amazon.

I had reached a junction, where I had to make 3 zebra crossings to reach home. None of them served by pedestrian lights.

Learning Team work on the streets of Milan

  1. Communication is key to Team work:

    Zebra Crossing 1: As I had almost reached the road, I saw a long chain of vehicles accelerating without much concern about my appearance. I technically had the right to cross while they would be expected to stop and let me pass. Having driven extensively for a year across North Italy, I also knew that its alright to let the vehicles pass a before you cross if it is going to be much quicker.

    But in this case, as I looked at the long trail of vehicles, I knew that I better make them stop and let me pass or i would have to undergo considerable discomfort in waiting with 2 shopping bags in the cold for people warm in their vehicles to pass by. I looked across the road and saw a young man reaching the other end.

    We may seem to have barely communicated, but as he approached, I too took small steps forward. Raised my hand to signal to the drivers making sure to motivate the other person across the road to join my action from his side. A small little collaboration, in crossing a busy road allowed me to reach Zebra Crossing 2.

  2. Do your part before you go helping others:

    Zebra Crossing 2: I made it to Zebra Crossing 2 early, the vehicles were still far behind and I could easily cross by without any help. But as I looked ahead, I saw an older man walking slowly to the opposite side.

    For a second, I was overwhelmed with my previous mutually beneficial collaboration. Was hoping to be able to help the Old man cross by a similar approach. Unfortunately, he was much behind and the vehicles would be much closer to be able to stop early.

    I hesitated, thinking about my own personal interests to cross the road. Realizing that soon I would loose and not gain much from such an action. Looking back, I saw the Vehicles stop for the Old man.  I then crossed by to Zebra Crossing 3.


  3. All for one and one for all:

    Zebra Crossing 3: This was the most dangerous crossing, right in front of my house. Vehicles charging towards the highway from the city do not care much for this crossing.

    Ideally, I have to wait this crossing out or find vehicles in distance to signal and cross. This day I had my biggest challenge upon me. I had waited so much in this crossing every time, that I really wanted to get assertive and cross like some other confident locals. Let a few vehicles by and then, I sensed a slight opportunity.

    A couple of speeding cars seemed to be accelerating in distance not realizing that they were supposed to stop and let make pass. I looked across the road and saw a new alliance from across the Zebra crossing. An old man and a young lady. This was my luck, driving in Italy you can never not stop for a family wishing to cross the road.

    Finally, I swung my shopping bag, sensing the lack of confidence from my alliance, stepped one foot ahead. Urging them to copy my actions and together we stopped the cars  at the most difficult Zebra crossing in Milan.

Need to think win-win for success

In today’s age with information easily available by technology, we have a lesser need of communicating in person. It is easier to learn more about facts and ideas. This might be also affecting student- teachers relationships. Students are now more empowered with all the facts and information easily available to them.

The job of the teacher in todays age should go less authoritarian and more collaborative. The possibilities of innovation in the lonely study and the garages has never been brighter. There needs to be extensive availability of resources on line with the fastest Internet available.

Innovation requires the adventurous behavior to initiate calculated risks. Subverting human behavior and creativity is counter productive. Promoting productive principles like collaboration, allows this pro activeness to be honed to a greater common cause.

As Human action gets simplified to using a smart phone effectively, we should encourage the will to play in controlled environments. Maybe the most I learned about team work, was while playing Cricket with the guys in India. Or even Foot ball.


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