How my Alexa website rank became 3 million

I keep checking my website ranking on Niel Patel’s website regularly. Click here to check your website’s SEO score now. I started out with an Alexa rank of 18 million and a page score of D when I first wrote this blog. Today, I know that a static front page really helps in getting a higher page SEO score on Neil Patel’s website.

I was not even aware that the more important rating was the Alexa ranking. I was up at 18 million since I remember, am now at 3 million. None the less, I finally understood how to improve the homepage SEO score and overall Alexa ranking.

Here is original content written by me earlier. I was going to update the blog from what I now know. But have decided to keep the text from the past still here. This might help in showing you how I made improvements. Firstly, you will notice shorter sentences in my present writing.

You will also see more paragraphs and better formating. All of this thanks to experience. And also the Yoast SEO plugin. After months of Blogging, I finally learned something very important in life. The importance of readability.

It is so important to communicate in an easy manner. All my life as a student, I was seeking to better understand. But now things have changed as I have grown into a professional Blogger. I try to write in a manner that is comprehensible even to a 10 year old.

Without further adieu, I present my earlier Blog. Everything below is from the past. As you may notice, the readability will change. Tell me if you love what you read below in the comments section. If you prefer the text above this line, then Yoast Readability works.

Please do not mind the badly written article below. It sure does need a lot more SEO.

SEO strategies from a Novice

This is me after checking a low SEO score on Niel Patel’s.

What I did next after checking this website was to not give a shit about the score and check other websites for a better score. Niel Patel’s website say’s I have no social media reach and back links, while I actually do have a few of those around as I have invested in a little social media surgical strike on a random Thursday evening. What I did was go Blitzkrieg on Reddit, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Twitter and Pininterest sharing my blogs like crazy. The attack was brief as I shared a few articles on each platform. All done at once created a sudden spike in traffic on my website. after social media surgical strike after social media surgical strike


As you can see, I have seen such spikes earlier when the blog came in touch with Facebook. I intend to go big on Facebook once I have a top class blog in my hands. Looking around at the competition, I know I have a long way to go. But there is always a market wherever you are, and I am sure these novice tips will help some other beginner cross over from D to C-. To improve your SEO score even by a small bit can make you feel really good. Good enough to blog definitely.

Slow and steady steps following a process can lead to big results in time


Why patiently follow a Process to get big results?

This is my actual SEO situation since I begun Blogging 3 months back. Users are increasing with time but that is due to diligent hardwork from my side. From initial users being friends, I have begun to attract new visitors from brief moments to even check the About page 25 times in a day. I have my CV displayed for download too. after social media surgical strike 1 after social media surgical strike 1 after social media surgical strike 2 after social media surgical strike 2


Nothing much to gloat about as I definitely could have done things much faster if i was not eagerly hoping to start a regular job once again. Blogging is a side project, to make it the real deal I would have to patiently wait out the years of experience to become a master.

Being a quick learner, I have a feeling I will catch up much faster. First, I need to get rid of the words “WordPress written all over my website”. Great service and no offense, but I really want to make this website more concrete like some of these other cool blogs I have visited. Maybe I will post them here once I reach that level.


So, what did I really do apart from Social media sharing to boost my SEO score?

  • Step 1: read a couple of such articles to gather different ideas and implement all that you can. Check competition. Nothoing motivates you more than a better looking and written and visited blog as a blogger.
  • Step 2: Social media sharing also works to backlink your website. Try different people to mention your website around. The third party accreditation really helps makes Google’s job easier to serve you better.
  • Step 3: Add back links within your own website, connecting to other relevant websites and blogs. Often, as you backlink someone, they feel grateful to backlink you back on social media etc.
  • Step 4: Key Words. I changed my blog title a couple of times aiming to add more keywords in it. I am not an expert so I need to make sure to write the Meta descriptions for every page and the title, adding key words also through a widget and following those key words up throughout the blog, website and other website the blog connects to.
  • Step 5: Keep writing the content. keep it fresh and insightful. Dont type off your arse if you cant think of anything better. Prepare some herbal green tea, relax and type your thoughts down. One word a time. You dont have to get it perfect today, you may get it perfect tomorrow. What matters is practice.
  • Step 6: Keep doing all of the above patiently for a while if you have just begun blogging. Keep track of improvements and the actions resulting in it. Use SEO site checkupHighly recommend.




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