I love Science Museums
I love Science Museums

Science fiction can inspire like nothing other worldly

Sci-fi or Science Fiction films have always brought deep thinking and entertainment to our screens. The application of topics in science like extraterrestrial life, time loops, plasma guns, dream trolling sequences and what not, bring in so much of needed flavor to our boring lives.

But every time you discover a gem of a sci fi film that brings in so much of insight, you just cant help not sharing an opinion about it. That too when you have Tom “Ethan Hunt” Cruise in it!

Tom Cruise is America’s Akshay Kumar

Ok, I admit I have been a Tom Cruise fan from a really early age. Right from Mission Impossible  to other classics like A  Few Good Men , Jerry Maguire, Minority Report, Last Samurai  to watching Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol  while I was working at the famous DIFC building in Dubai that famously shields Tom Cruise from a sand storm in the film. The best part of actors like Tom Cruise and Leornado Dicaprio are the different types of movies they have been making right from a very young age. The Beach from DiCaprio will remain a major inspiration for trips to Thailand for years to come.

All that experience sure lets you bring some concrete value with time. When it comes to inspirational movie scenes, films like Magnolia (1999) , Collateral (2004), The Color of Money (1986), Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Rain Man (1988) have a lot to offer. They may not seem as popular as the others but those are awesome movies to watch.

Promoting tourism as Tom Cruise: Simple & Lucrative

Tom Cruise always picks the movie he likes and am glad he has picked some really great scripts. He has also been promoting cities and countries in his films. From Dubai and India in Mission Impossible 4, to Paris in Edge of Tomorrow.

I can almost see him saying “We are going to holiday in Puglia Italy” before he and his crew hunt some super villain in an Italian beach resort with high speed boat action across the clear blue coast in his next film. Would be nice to see Tom Cruise save the Italian Banking Crisis with an action packed film from coast to coast that will drive Italian tourism crazy for years to come.

“Not only was I doing the coolest internship ever,

I was actually working right at a famous Mission Impossible film set! ” –Milan Ka Raja

Damn, I should have blogged about this earlier. At least if I had Netflix back in 2014, i would not have missed this gem of a Tom Cruise film called Edge of Tomorrow which is highly recommended to students and graduates seeking to make it big in life!

Edge of Tomorrow: Three point summary

Tom Cruise on Bike
Tom Cruise on Bike
  • The sci fi story of Earth attacked by a powerful alien race in the future, where Man is better equipped but still not good enough to fight the merciless aliens. Tom Cruise is a non combatant major in charge of Media & Army recruitment.
  • Smooth talking his way out of problems, he is really not expecting to get suited up and pushed to combat in a critical battle. In what looks like a suicide mission, Cruise gets killed to only end up waking up again in a time loop that runs the entire battle scene again.
  • Only this time, he has more information as he is aware of everything thats going to happen. Armed with the power of infinite Trial & Error, Cruise teams up with beautiful Emily Blunt to thwart the powerful alien race.

Why should a student watch “Edge of Tomorrow”?

Realistic as possible, the film is about Tom Cruise given n opportunities to fight the alien race where n tends to infinity. Each time allowed to learn from previous experience. Starting out as a coward dominated by a more powerful woman (Blunt), Cruise ends up as a more confident person with experience. Enough to take the alien race down and make Blunt blush.

Useful life lessons from this sci fi Tom Cruise action flick:

  1. Keep your fundamentals strong:

    •  Firstly, Always sharpen your saw. As a Major Tom Cruise doesn’t really start out very combat ready.
  2. How to gracefully say No to extra responsibilities:

    • He did fail to convince the general to not send him to fight, but he at least put his point across rather firmly.
  3. Be prepared to work with someone lesser qualified:

    • Treat them with respect and they will treat you better. Moreover, If you think you know better, take the initiative to get things done better.
  4. Practice makes perfect:

    • Experience is like downloading life simulations in your mind that should ideally help you to unlock a more challenging experience in the future. Every time you practice, you are able to “download” more information, allowing you to better analyze your actions.
    • Complex lessons get more easier with time as you practice more. Your physical body also adapts accordingly, with those particular muscles getting trained more. Before every exam, interview or any special important event, your ability to perform well also relies on practice. Often, individual who have prepared for more exams in their lives end up doing better when asked to study a topic and answer questions on it.
    • The whole mechanism of studying a topic and answering questions on it gets imbibed as a habit of similar actions. Thats why scores of Indian students are attempting mock exams to raise the number of iterations they need to accomplish a high score.
    • Noteworthy to realize that kids who don’t practice face new obstacles in the exam paper for the first time. As they have missed out on those crucial iterations of failing enough to finally succeed.
  5. There is no one way from A to B.

    • Sometimes fooling around at C may help you reach B quicker. Think out of the box.
    • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keep playing to learn new tricks.
  6. Being scared or fearful is natural:

    • If you are well prepared enough to know what is coming and have a plan on how to succeed, you wouldn’t be scared.
    • If you need to train more or set up your defenses, yes you will be scared. You can never be fully prepared, but you you can always be less prepared.
  7. Be prepared for when you do not have the luxury of iterations

    • Finally, to succeed you need to be well prepared to act spontaneously.
    • Practicing mindfulness, meditation, living in the present would allow you to behave less nervously in such cases.

Should young students splurge their lives watching movies?

Making movies is a tough business. Lot of the great directors and actors are pretty cool people with great work ethics. Before making a major investment, Hollywood fortunately does maintain certain standards. But there is always a lot of Bullshit getting produced, more so lately.

Hence, research on a movie to watch is always a great idea. Especially when you find an article like this with minimum spoilers and maximum enthusiasm.

Films can bring in the inspiration or nudge that we all need in our lives to accomplish more. Pick a good film and see yourself blogging from an exotic foreign country in a decade. If life experience is part visual simulation, then films allow us to effectively tap into this vast ocean of experiences. 

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Why you should watch Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow (2014): Life Lessons

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