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Benefits of Gender Equality for India: Moral & Economical

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Liberals, Seculars and everyone sane unite to save women’s rights

Its now or never guys, is there really nothing more that we as nice liberal Indian men can do to protect the rights of women in our country? Or are we ready to accept the mentality of a certain political party that will ignore women because they are a “minority” among the sexes.

The news just keeps coming in, we all read it hoping that security has been beefed up while trying to take extra precautions with people close to us. But in today’s age of technology and communication, why cant everyday normal liberal men come together as a joint force to fight this once and for all. Of course we are all too busy in our lives making money to find time for other things. Me myself included, If I was not Blogging, I would maybe have liked and shared one article on Facebook, nothing more.

As a country hoping to achieve a developed country status as soon as possible, we surely have a long way to go when it comes to capitalizing on the full potential of a gender equal economy.

But in order to facilitate women to feel empowered and powerful, its important for them to feel secure in our cities even while all by themselves. The difference in what men and women have to think on an everyday life can lead to a big change in how they grow up. If we want our women to contribute as much as the men, they would need the same liberties. To dress and talk like how they want, to smoke and drink if they feel young, to live a life with more interaction. After all, may be it is a lack of gender interaction that could often lead to such violent acts of abuse against women.


Seven ways to stop female abuse in India:

  1. Reach for the children.

    • They are our best hope. Treating children with more respect and free from any form of abuse would ensure that they grow up to be nice people. Ensure 100% schooling in well regulated conditions. Studying in schools with other children, both boys and girls, should help develop compassion for the opposite sex. Boosting healthy communication among the youth.
    • If you have more girls in the class, you may also get to see a reverse discrimination against the boys. But that is not very urgent currently. Work on Children and male abuse too which is surely prevalent in India. Lets make sure that none of the children coming out of our schools would ever harass or mistreat some one in their lives. How? By not showing them how it is done.
  2. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop:

    • Honestly, In India the most fun stuff to do is to eat, drink and watch a movie. Watching Bollywood belly dancers in big screen for 2 hours in a nice air conditioned environment is the best form of entertainment for most men in India. In Dubai, you at least have the Dance bars and its affiliates to cater to the horny Indian man.
    • While in India the norm is to pick your spot and piss away on the high way, our mentality of getting things done quickly without patience needs to be examined (like demonetization). If Indian men can piss on roads because of lack of public toilets or just dirty public toilets, then what would horny Indian men do when the options for paid sex is an unregulated unsafe industry strife with abuse, by customers and police alike.
    • Time for India to get more organized and reduce unemployment. Training our Human Capital is the most important investment.
  3. Di-sect the problem to sexual urges and violent urges.

    • I am no expert, and that is exactly the problem here. Sexual education! My opinion is based on life in India and Italy. I am a 29 year old Indian male living in Italy since 6 years. I can see how group dynamics can drive men to get aggressive towards women. The problem is why are these people hanging out in such all male groups if they are horny.
    • Why dont they learn how to speak nice with women? Because they hardly get to speak with women maybe. This is where I believe lies the solution. If children grow up in a co-ed environmentThey would never really objectify women to such extents.
    • Legalize and Regulate Prostitution and Marijuana in India. We can get back all the economic activity lost to demonetization in a jiffy, reduce rapes (including rapes of present sex workers who are not very protected by the law), control sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Have women in all jobs:

    • Stress on the importance of having women work across more sectors in the economy. Women need to take the big plunge and move into careers completely foreign to them. And its our job as nice liberal men to welcome them with a courteous smile.
    • No more she got the job because she is one b#@$#. Let us try to see the bigger picture here. You need not really like the women you have to be nice with. You can be extra nicer with the other women you really like.
  5. Time to see Women in authority:

    • Need women police patrolling the city in the night.  India would be so much more safer if it were full of women cops biking across our cities.
    • No more chasing drunk guys, as they will themselves stop…ok, here I go again , making a sexist joke again. This needs to stop or stay controlled to not make things vulgar.
  6. Make in India Sex Toys:

    • Talking about women in Police Costumes, I am sure our Ramdev can come up with something interesting to shove up his @$$.
    • Lets sexually liberate our junta with a superior masturbation experience. Some of these artificial items are so real that they could even be better than the real deal.
  7. Do not discriminate gay people:

    • If men can treat other men with respect, then maybe they would treat women better. Discriminating sexuality should be frowned. Time to get civilized everyone.

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