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How many jobs can sustain your family’s future?

Gone are those days, when one job could support a family of four. Two working parents are very common in India too these days. As I look forward to settling down myself hopefully making great passive incomes from this blog in the future:, the ideal path to escape this vicious cycle is to save and invest in assets, that can give you capital gains as well as an additional passive income.

You could spend all your money and end up not increasing your wealth, or you could also save and invest a bit more every time you receive an income. This should result in a larger income the next time due to having larger assets. If you could continue this cycle, so as to create additional wealth every time you receive any income, you should ideally create an avalanche of money that grows in size. The Richest man in Babylon suggests that you should save at least 10% of every income and put it to work. If you look at it, this is the only guaranteed way for you to ever become rich. 

You can never rely on a high salary to make you rich, if you do not plan to save, invest and build assets.

Now, Robert Kiyosaki from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” would advice you on many important things, but MilanKaRaja believes that the best solution for the future also lies in the future. By this, I will be stressing on the importance of being computer literate and having a digital presence. The need to have digital assets that continue to bring you additional revenue while serving use as an efficient marketing platform that goes farther than Facebook, LinkedIn or any social media. As you have now built yourself a new brand apart from your name. Your new cashflow can be globally diversified into a recession proof asset, that continues to bring in cash flows perpetually. The mechanics of this gets more interesting as you dig deeper. For now, here is a sneak peak on why you should Blog.

The importance of building Digital Assets!

I could open a restaurant that no one has ever seen and still sell food. Using technological services like in the food delivery business is just one application of a digital asset.

As a rich house owner, I could find easy tenants through Airbnb. Starting from scratch, I could just Blog about ideas in my head and always find someone interested.

Using a Blog as a platform for you to market your ideas can not only generate loads of leads in the future, but you could also gain decent digital revenues in terms of advertisements. You could cash in on passive income even in your sleep.

     Sviluppare applicazioni con PHP e MySQL

Seven reasons why you should Blog to make big money:

    1. Blogging has never been easier.

      1. It has never been easier to start making your own blog today. You not only get advice from a 4 month old blogger like me, but you also get concrete advice from people like Niel Patel etc.
      2. Returns from your blog would be proportional to your effort in making content and marketing it. Start with wordpress to get the hang of it, then check a hosting company like Siteground  which will allow you to use WordPress, Jumla themes and much more. You could create an ecommerce website or even a forum instead of a blog.
      3. For about 4 €/ month you could buy some great hosting services along with a domain for about 10 euros a year. Hit the comments section or the homepage for more info.

Web Hosting

  1. Blogging a niche can make you rich. 

    1. Supposedly, as I have recently discovered, you could make huge money with a Blog if you pick the right topics to Blog about. Writing a travel blog, would enable Airline companies to compete for ad space on your website, while a health blog could attract big money Pharmaceutical companies seeking an audience.
    2. My approach to is to just cover my life as an Indian expat in Milan. Hence, I write about my passions of making money, travel, Finance etc. If I was a different person, I would just write a blog about the Fashion in Milan, which seems like a great idea, but unfortunately away from my interests. Yes, there are people in this world, who may have worked as a sales clerk in a shop to only end up writing beautiful blogs about the clothes they work with making loads of money today.
  2. Using a Blog to sell yourself and build your digital putrescence. 

    1. As you will be writing on topics you are passionate about, a blog can help your primary activity. Imagine you are a sales person in the health care industry with regular viewers from around the world interested in your domain. You could quickly reach out to loads of people when you want. Nothing like a Blog to boost your credibility. Even if you create an amateurish Blog like, you would still manage to write a few decent articles with practice which will go a long way in enabling you to connect with your readers. You never know who is reading, a big investor, a great business partner, a client or just some old friends. Blogging about your interests is almost like setting up a little shop of interesting stories. Add a few affiliate marketing links in between along with some ad space for Google Adsense,, etc
  3. Affiliate marketing embedded within can boost returns.

    1. Prepare your content and keep pimping it up when you can. Work faster and you see faster results. Remember that your cumulative effort will give you cumulative results.
  4. Learn programming and you will be your own money making machine.

    1. Make your own WordPress Themes or just make your own apps and use your Blog to market it. Possibilities are endless, and learning to program has never been easier as well. If you understood concepts like APIs you could have used the Google Maps API to make something like Airbnb in a jiffy. The deeper you dig, the easier it gets. Also try not to loose hope when things feel complicated. Try to find the quickest solutions to issues and then get ready to start again as you have explored enough of all you can do. The domain is huge and best practices to web development can be found online in blogs on Triberr. There is always so much to do in building your website, as a beginner playing around for a few months, I surely have understood a lot of cool stuff. But the key is persistence as 95% of bloggers give up on their blogs. I am here for the long haul.
  5. Adding a Donation tab gets you money too. No kidding!

  6. Freelance:

    1. Finding a great Job is easier once you Blog. Not only do you market your profile, but you also build trust with a Blog.
    2. Looking at the big picture, Blogging will help you become a better business man.
    3. It is the best way to display your thought process on various topics.
    4. I would love to read a blog before I hire, to get a better understanding of a person’s mind set and creativity. Post a few blog posts on LinkedIn and you will find yourself getting noticed by more recruiters.


Work from home and make money online: Why you should Blog

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