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India on ancient Roman map, How to trump racism

Indian Expat in Europe explains Racism



Recent racial attacks on Indians in the United States is very sad. Nonetheless these incidents have been always happening around the world.

Even back home in India, many people are threatened with violence every year. This is often based on hatred due to region, religion, caste, class and even skin color.

Looking within our own society and also thriving 6 years in Italy as an Indian Expat, I have my perspective on Racism.

Arriving in Italy in 2010, as an English speaking student, I have adapted a lot. In 2016, I sold Western Union services to busy shops in the Milan city center dealing entirely in Italian.

Honestly, I have never actually faced any significant racism ever. Perhaps, because I love myself too much, I fail to see racism when people hate me.



Racism, a tool for expressing hatred



I understand racism to be only a tool. Hence, I am always more interested in the real reason for any hate. In some cases, in a job in security or Police you may develop a bias based on experience. A security guard at a super market may get more alert on seeing certain shop lifting patterns.

Police involved in mandatory dealing with foreigners for visa, custom etc may have reasons for bias based on past experience. Nonetheless, apart from a reason for bias, there is also a reason for convenience here. This is the aspect of racism that bothers many today. It is always convenient to hate on the foreigner.


The convenience of working with a local rather than a foreigner should be a personal choice kept away from the workplace. But when this enters work, not just in certain Italian police stations, but in almost all workplaces around the world, you have a problem.



The reason is simple. if you are not a citizen your rights get considerably reduced in every country.



If employees are not prepared to work with foreigners, how are they to going to grow and develop.  In the age of technology, shouldn’t the most important skills for any employee be customer service? Good customer service is selective.

As a privileged Indian spoilt brat from the city of Nizams and pearls, I can get really snobby expressing my discomfort with customer service. I try to remind myself to calm it down at the Police Station though, as I am too traumatized by youtube videos of American police brutality.



Racism in Italy?



Most Italians I know are super awesome. Nonetheless, there are a$$#o£€$ in ever society. Racism is just a tool used by an a$$#o£€.


We may not be able to control racial bias in society in large quickly. But the governments can do more by looking within. No one wishes to be racist, but what if your job makes you rude like in certain Italian police stations.

I am sure my experience in other Italian police stations was much better earlier.



Racism or just Rudeness, How to react?



What if every year, the cops working at some police stations have to deal with a lot of extra responsibilities in renewing the resident permits of foreigners. A boring job that all of us hate so much. I waste a few days of the year on this, and the cops do a very mundane activity every year. The cops naturally have a reason to hate a bit on you for still remaining in this country with a short one year permit. Some of them maybe think that you are a liability to them, stealing their jobs.

Maybe this time, I will educate them about how the migrants support their pension in the future. Need to up my swag.

The foreigners stand outside for hours waiting for their turn. If any of them looks too agitated with the discomfort, he gets a piece of Italian Full Metal Jacket briefing. If any one else tried such bull shit on me, I would handle it much differently. Cops are the government’s responsibility.

A “feedback” email was sent to a related police website. A reply was received saying that it was to be sent some where else. And that is how the matter ended, till a year has passed and I make an other visit soon to a place I despise. Maybe, this year I blog about it. If no voice is raised, nothing is ever done. And there is always scope for a better society with improvement and no one is spared with criticism from MilanKaRaja.com



How to prepare yourself against racism



An Indian friend of mine was once assaulted in a Tram. He doesn’t know the nationality of the attacker who randomly picked on him. This could have been a case of an a$$#o£€ picking on an easy prey. Students with bags make easy targets. He did not speak Italian and was embarrassed feeling helpless in the situation.

Over the years, I have really learned a lot staying here. From being more defensive to going full aggressive, I believe patience in adapting is the key.

As I learned Italian doing sales, my experience dealing with some tough clients has helped me develop a verbal advantage. Maybe that is why Rap is so popular. It helps you to comeback with some nice verbal lines. Really helps to learn to embarrass the a$$#o£€  in his own mother tongue.

Intelligence and swag comes with experience. Experience in a foreign city or country involves exploring your surroundings. From spending time around the University as a student, I have also hanged out with the guys actually working in our busy streets.

From meeting important people, to speaking with the most underprivileged folk, you learn from everyone.

If you are working abroad you are already intelligent. To get the swag, and be more confident, you just need more experience.



How to live like a King in a foreign country?



  • Be nice and add value to the society. Imagine you have the best grades in an exam at a foreign university. You would be less affected  by racism as you have better things to worry about. If you did not have the best grades, you may start relating everything to racism.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, one step at a time. If hate comes from an unfamiliar difference, it is your job to bridge that gap. Show compassion, make compromises, be prepared to forgive, but never to forget.
  • Learn to communicate with people. Learn to listen before you try to speak.
  • How ever prepared you are, your swag always can use some improvement. Start a blog, make big money and racism will definitely bother you a percentage lesser.
  • Love your self. Your body is your temple. Your skin is th best skin for you. Only thing you can improve is your intelligence and swag.


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