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Why is travel to the Himalayas the ultimate panacea for urban claustrophobia?

Himalayas: Travel prescription for the urban claustrophobic

Why disconnect with the Yaks at the Himalayas?

Why disconnect with the yaks at Jispa, India?
Why disconnect with the yaks at Jispa, India?

Nainital & Mussoorie are popular Indian Himalayan travel destinations. But for the adventurous, there is always Manali which is located further north deeper inside the mountainous region. But if you are a daredevil seeking for the real Himalayan experience, then head to the Jispa Valley located near to Manali. Popular among Mountain Bikers, Adventure Seekers and Nature Lovers, the Jispa Valley is a hidden treasure among the numerous travel destinations in the Himalayas.

Pandas and Cats have really made life better for busy urban employees. The social media stars from the Animal kingdom are yet to see competition from the Yaks. These beautiful creatures live in the most incredible parts of the Trans-Himalayas in India. Unfortunately, the Yak populations are declining and it has become difficult to see them around these days. As an adventurous biker, you may still have a chance to wander around in its natural habitat. Are you prepared for a trip to the Himalayas?

A Biking trip across the scenic Jispa valley is nonetheless a marvelous idea. Apart from endangered fauna like Snow Leopards and Ibex , the valley is laden with beautiful rare flowers in the summer. Covered with snow most of the year, summer makes a paradise out of the valley.

But, how do you get to the Himalayas?

Mountain adventure experience in Himachal Pradesh, India

Break free and disconnect with a trip to Jispa, a village in Lahaul, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The village is connected by the Manali-Leh highway, along the Baga River.  It is located 20 km north of Keylong and 7 km south of Darcha. Situated 135 km away from Manali (5-6 hours drive). Accessible through the Rohtang Pass, Jispa village is situated about 330 km from Leh (10-12 hours drive).

Don’t worry about the long drive. You can spend a perfect easy holiday at the Hotel Yak.

Also recommended for travelers searching for a hotel on the NH3 Leh Manali Highway. Long drives are fun, in the day. When you hit the Indian outback in the Himalayas you need your night’s rest. Situated at an elevation of 10500 feet this is the closest you get to sleeping directly underneath the stars. Though a 3 star property, you can call a stay at the Hotel Yak, a billion-star experience.

Billion Star Experience at Jispa
Billion Star Experience at Jispa

Listening to the ripples of the Baga river can be a relaxing break from the annoying App notifications we receive every day. Abundant with natural beauty, Jispa can take anyone’s breath away. Travelers take back memories of tranquility and peace after a stay in the Himalayan valley.

Hence, here are 7 reasons why you should spend 7 incredibly relaxing days at Jispa

7 Reasons to plan a 7-day Biking trip to Jispa, India

Reason 1: Jispa Valley, a mountain hamlet in the Himalayas

  • Located in the most picturesque and sought-after drives in the Trans-Himalayas.
  • Moreover, it is very much recommended for bikers seeking to conquer the mighty range. Just make sure to get proper Motorbike safety gear on.
Motor Biking in Himalayas, Jispa Valley
Motor Biking in Himalayas, Jispa Valley

Reason 2: Fishing in a Himalayan River: Bhaga river

  • Bhaga originates from the 21st highest lake in the world. The Suraj Tal or the lake of the sun gods collects water directly from the glaciers.
  • Bhaga then joins the Chandra river to form the Chenab which flows into Jammu & Kashmir and then on to Pakistan.
Himalaya Travel sights from Jispa, Deepak Tal, Suraj Tal, Baralacha Pass
Himalaya Travel sights from Jispa: Deepak Tal, Suraj Tal, Baralacha Pass (Clockwise from left)

Reason 3: Long drives in the Himalayas: Ask directions at the Bara-lacha la pass

  • More noteworthy, It connects the  4 regions of Lahual, Spiti, Zanskar and

Reason 4: Himalayan spirituality at the Monasteries and ancient Temples

  • A visit to Jispa can set you off on a spiritual journey. Nearby, you have the Kardang monastery, the Mrikula temple, and the magnificent Triloknath temple.
  • All of these centuries-old institutions have extensive history preserved over the years. Most noteworthy, the Triloknath temple is the only temple in the world frequented by Hindus and Buddhists. Both pay reverence to the same deity in this unique temple.
Triloknath, Prayer wheels at troloknath, Mrikula Mata Temple, Kardang Monastry
Triloknath, Prayer wheels at Triloknath, Kardang Monastry, Mrikula Mata Temple (Clockwise starting from left top)

Reason 5: Trekking and Exercise in Nature while Breathing the purest air!

  • Treks and walks are organized with the help of local travel agencies at Jispa. Therefore, you don’t have to go alone to face a hungry snow leopard.
trekking in Jispa Valley, Himalayas
Trekking in Jispa Valley, Himalayas

Reason 6: National Geographic Experience with the Flora and Fauna:

  • Endangered animal species and rare seasonal flowers, what else can you ask for? Moreover, if you are lucky, you might see a Yak.
Snow Leopard, Ibex and Flora, Jispa Valley
Snow Leopard, Ibex and Flora, Jispa Valley

Reason 7: Himalayan Hospitality: Accommodation with inhouse Chefs

  • The Yak Hotel is a 3 star establishment furnished with local wood located very conveniently near the highway.
  • With warm cozy rooms the Yak Hotel serves as an ideal resting point for adventure seekers.
  • Try the local Himalayan delicacies prepared with locally sourced organic vegetables.
  • Relax like a Maharaja (Emperor) and let the staff at Hotel yak spoil you with 3 time meals in the dining hall decorated with traditional Buddhist art. From fresh farm butter and jams to diverse cuisines, Hotel yak makes sure to seek out for returning guests.
Hotel yak rooms at Jispa, India
Hotel yak rooms at Jispa, India
Organic Food at Hotel Yak, Jispa in Trans-Himalayas
Organic Food at Hotel Yak, Jispa in Trans-Himalayas
Dining at Jispa, Yak Hotel
Dining at Jispa, Yak Hotel

Jispa Valley: Treasure Island within the Himalayas

Apologies for the picture quality, as there was so much I wanted to show you about the Jispa Valley. Page loading speed is unfortunately very important. So had to convert all the pictures into gif format and compromise on the picture quality.

Also, like a typical Treasure map which is old and crumpled with vague pictures, this blog aims to entice just enough to get you interested to visit. If the pictures were much better, the Jispa Valley would not be a hidden undiscovered gem.

For those who love to take the “The Road not Taken”, here is is an adventure you may wish to seek out.

The Road not Taken: Only for the brave travelers ready to take on the Indian outback
The Road not Taken: Only for the brave travelers ready to take on the Indian outback

Frequently Asked Questions for conquering the Himalayas

So those of you ready for this daredevil adventure here is some helpful information.

1. When is the best season to visit the Himalayas at Lahaul?

July to October is the season to visit the Himalayas at Lahaul. As the snow melts the roads open up. However, the Rohtang pass does open early in may, while the others open in June and July.

Hence, best time to visit will be just before the peak season starts. Preferably, in the months of June, July and August. The lush greenery in the valley after snow melt, should help you to meditate peacefully. Moreover, its the perfect season for a spiritual adventure in the Himalayas.

2. Where can you find Hotels and Accommodation at Jispa Valley, Himalayas?

Here is a list of the top hotels in Jispa. You can read the reviews on trip advisor to find out which one is the best hotel. The Yak Hotel in Jispa is a new establishment and is a subsidiary of Yak Hotel Manali. Considering the rush during the peak seasons, hope this list helps you to plan your adventure.

  1. Hotel Ibex Jispa: The oldest Hotel in the Jispa Valley.
  2. Padma Lodge: The most popular place among tourists.
  3. Jispa journey: Provides camping facilities.
  4. Yak Hotel: the Yak Hotel operate two hotels in Manali and Jispa.
    • They aims to serve tourists with the best value for money services during the Peak tourist seasons.

      Address: NH3 Leh Manali Highway, Jispa, Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India, 175132 Website: | Contact number: +91-94181 61910 |

    • Apart from providing a complete Himalayan trip package, they have an in house Himalayan restaurant.
    • Targeting adventure seekers, bikers and mountaineers, a stay at Yak Hotel also aims to serve emotional value. A rare commodity these days.
    • Recommended for those seeking a spiritual trip to the Himalayas.
    • Day’s stay in the mountains that can cost lesser than a taxi trip to the airport in some countries.
Hotel Yak Location
Hotel Yak Location

3. Where can I read personal experiences of Himalayan Travel?

4. How do I learn more about travel to India?

5. Really liked this Blog and would like help promoting your hotel. What do you do?

  • Thank you! As a continuous learner, I try to update my articles to the latest standards of usability, SEO and readability. Still have loads to learn and implement. Would nonetheless, love to help you out.
  • Seeking to promote hidden tourist gems around the world, MilanKaRaja welcomes your proposals. Please drop by an email to or

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