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Integrity for Indians: Why keep working when no one is looking

Integrity for Indians

Sorry young Indians, we older Indians love to bully you

When a country faces excessive restrictions on the civil liberties of its young population, it is nothing but bullying by older lawmakers. A sign of mistrust in the integrity of the young reflects bad on own actions.

Recently trending in India is the rise of the “Anti-Romeo” squads. Instead of stopping eve teasing, a bunch of cops are empowered to harass the general public. Roaming around to pick on mixed sex groups, moral policing on free will.

It is never a great idea to let people act without a code of conduct. Cops free from a code of conduct will of course abuse it. Not trusting the Integrity of Indian youth is what leads to such drastic measures.

By restricting interaction between the sexes, such a draconian practice hinders economic development. It is like spitting on the face of the idea that boys and girls can be just friends. Why shouldn’t women have the authority to make friends with men?

Nothing can be more insulting to women empowerment. Minimizing contact between the genders is forcing the young of both the sexes to live in ignorance. The women unfortunately will be more affected as they will face the brunt of the new curfew. Maybe the “Elders” feel that the children need to study rather than get distracted.

For these older Indians, this is what I have to say.

Message to supporters of moral policing

I used to binge drink alcohol in India in the weekends because of high utility and limited availability. Whereas in Italy, in-spite of having bottles lying around my house, I haven’t had a proper drink for more than a month. Not like I do not drink in Italy, I just drink less.

Have more important things to worry about than how to find alcohol and waste away my evening.

Hope you understand my feelings on this issue. Your actions are counterproductive if not a waste of limited police forces.

As you sow, so shall you reap

Adding hassles is not the best strategy to control our country’s population. Instead, we need to facilitate learning from across the spectrum. So that they develop a broad mind capable of accepting new ideas. Giving them more flexibility to achieve greatness should be our role. Instead we treat our young like cattle herd.

Think about it, if we Indians treated our animals better we would treat each other much better.

Recently, I saw a video on NDTV of some forest officials in India bring a loose tiger down by smashing it with an earth mover. The Jugaad in this example cannot be applied to the future of our children.

Young Indians need to be smarter, productive, prosperous and happy. Any approach of governance that promises greatness by authoritativeness ignoring the above will not go far.

Fascism will lead to many of the privileged leaving the country. There are better solutions available in governance. Like how in Delhi, the AAP government is striving to educate all of its masses.

By doing this, they are empowering women by creating a more educated environment. You will need lesser wild cops hitting the streets to control a mob when everyone is educated. Any protests would take to the social media or the Internet instead.

Thinking about it, Is this just a part of encouraging digital India?

All the crazy stuff in the world points to: Digitalization

I mean for every force there is an equal and opposite reaction. Restricting physical interaction will only boost digital interaction among the masses.

Maybe our “Elders” feel that the Indian youth should develop a more platonic relationship based on extensive communication digitally. A relationship with more depth than the wildest imaginations of our Bollywood films.

They might have thought, if the youth wants to flirt, let them do it digitally.

Digital India is a big project. The more I think about it the more excited I get.

The possibilities of my Blog being read by a much bigger Indian market in a few years is high. India can become the country with the most people on-line if everything goes well.

For everything to go well you need to add a catalyst.

Something that goes viral and also encourages the masses to use the Internet more. And Oh Boy, our government does deliver in creating viral content. So often, that I am now convinced that its all done on purpose.

The script is quasi-fascism. As everyone loves stories of Hitler and Mussolini.

The logic here is:

First they enjoy the Internet, then they use it to do useful stuff, then they start creating content for the Internet.

Young India is under a big game plan. Most possibly in their best interests by some parameters. But by some other metrics, not very much so.

Everyone has a tough job and life is tough. Life is tough every where. In every country the cleaner the road, the more the taxes you pay for it. Life will never get easy if we do nothing and just wait for charity.

Nobody is going to take care of you. You may get lucky with the Universal Basic Income (UBI), but it really won’t be much. You will of course need to do more to live a decent life.

The only way you can ensure your happiness is by acting on it by yourself. You need to catch life by its two horns and wrestle it down to win.

Life and mathematics?: Nerdy uncle talk

Easier said than done. Life isn’t a y= mx, where m is a high positive number. It is more like the price time charts of stocks.

Life and Stocks?: Nerdy uncle from CNBC talk

Based on how you live your life, you can be a high dividend paying blue chip or a zero dividend paying penny stock.

By dividend paying, I refer to the act of returning back to those who have invested in you. Parents, family and good friends tend to be the Promoters in your Life – Stocks analogy.

Not wanting to get carried away from the topic, do read my insightful piece on stock investing.

The point I am trying to make here is that just like the average stock price having its ups and downs every day, your life too faces similar hurdles and opportunities.

Just like a multi bagger stock, you will need to invest in yourself appropriately to heap big returns in the future. As a young Indian, your biggest resource is time. Just like most stocks, with time your gains get compounded to grow exponentially.

Integrity and patience to succeed

At a young age, you may fail to see the returns of your hard work. But with time, over the years the experience you gain gets compounded to give bigger returns.

Present hurdles in civil liberties in India can be a real pain in the @$$. Nonetheless, it is every man for themselves. If with patience and determination, you invest enough time productively you will see big returns over time. An opportunity to live the better life you have been deprived off.

Remember the key to a better life is to add value in society. The more value you add, the better you get at it.

If you have helped 10 people with a task for free, you are now an expert and can charge the 11th person a hefty fee for your expert service.

So don’t worry if nobody is looking, Integrity is not just a respected attribute. It is the smart thing to do. The lesser you copy in your exams, the more you have learned.

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