House Cleaning in Milan: Profession for some, Passion for many

Why you need to clean your house


Cleanliness Epiphany: It is never too late to learn


Living in Milan for so long I have always appreciated a clean flat mate. Even more a flatmate who is willing to clean more and talk less about it. These guys always raise the cleanliness standards of a house.


I am a good influence too and do try my best to keep the house clean to Indian 30 year old male expat standards. But over the years living in Milan and observing different people from various nationalities cleaning up apartments, I have learnt a lot.


Firstly, Cleaning you house is a great idea!


My Cleanliness belief: Want to make yourself productive?


Figure out a way to clean your house perfectly. Do it like the professionals and you will raise your standard of living right there. No better investment of your time and money if you ask me.


I believe that cleaning is a huge task. It’s much more than just getting rid of the dirt, but it is also optimizing your furniture and things.


Cleaning your house is like re designing your website. And just like how a website loads faster when it is optimized, you would also function better when your house is optimized and clean.


Just like how you can always use a different perspective on your website, cleaning your house too needs different hands on work.


Everyone has a unique cleaning style,


The super nice Peruvian guy who visits currently, the previous tough Ukrainian lady, the pretty Argentinian girl, the Expert Cuban lady and the super cool Filipino dude all had unique styles to cleaning.


These were all cleaning professionals,


If you ask me, I would prefer all of them cleaning my house in turns while I myself spend equal time cleaning my own house.

Why you need to clean your house?


While one person misses a spot there, an other makes sure to get that clean. As you yourself are cleaning along, its your job to learn from their best practices.


The idea here is that you should learn to clean your own house so well that it becomes passion rather than an obligation.

That is the only way you can capitalize on the benefits of a super clean house.

Why should a student clean his room?


Coming to think of it, this one time our family was staying in a nice hotel for some days and I was attending school. The hotel had a nice wooden desk with a notepad and a pen. For some reasons, I was more motivated to study and the results in the consequent exams proved my belief.


A clean room makes you more productive.


On the other hand, life at IIT Delhi was too busy to manage a clean room. My performance too fell consequently. Without help from family to ensure my basic cleanliness and hygiene a young brat like me succumbed to squalor.


Luckily, I met a girl and things got better.


Cleaning your house has a huge effect on your life. Maybe the effects are little per second. But since you spend so much of your time at home studying as a student, the effects amplify.


As silly as it may sound, I believe that the best way to get rich is to start cleaning your house and yourself.


Invest the most on your hygiene and cleanliness and you will be so much more productive.


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