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How to write a blog that makes the most money?


Ever since I started Blogging towards the end of 2016, I was very confident that I would be able to hack the secret to a profitable blog. Initially, I believed I had  a wide range of experience in career, culture and travel that would help present a very unique perspective. Nonetheless, my Blog that started out with an Alexa rank of 18 million has managed to achieve a rank of lesser than 3 million within 6 months. In the process, I made around 25 € in ad revenues and hence would like to advice you all on how to make money from a blog.

I would break even with the cost of domain and hosting if I make around twice the amount. Not a great achievement, nonetheless, these hard earned 25 € have taught me a lot on how to actually write a blog that makes you money. Considering that maybe around 25 of my articles were decently SEO optimized and capable of making me money, this is not a bad ROI.


There are million suggestions on how to make money writing a blog, and I happen to be fortunate to have had the time to read through some of them over months. From reading on SEO and actually practicing it on my own blog, I have learnt a lot.


Here is a checklist that may help you to make more from your blogging energy.


#1 Blogging is a long term project

It is also a very interesting project as there are so many different tasks that you can do as a blogger. You can approach the blogging tasks as an entrepreneur and even an artist.


From making impressive business strategies to even creating interesting content, Blogging attracts various mindsets and skillsets. My own flatmate Michele from “Lo Stagista Parlante” has a unique marketing executive approach, while I myself tamper with unorthodox means of attracting traffic to my blog. Apart from my travel blogs, I have articles on Finance that have brought in a lot of traffic while this one particular article I wrote on innovation brought in the maximum views.


One reason to this big success is the extensive marketing done with the innovation article. I had joined in many business/ start up related Facebook groups and had extensively shared the article. The viewership also helped me with my Alexa ranking.


One other time, a poorly written article on boosting SEO ranking went a little viral on Google+. That article has since been updated but is still a poor piece. This article hopefully beats that in bringing me more viewership.


There is NO ONE way to succeed in your Blogging. It is a long term project and you need to approach it with patience and perseverance.


#2 Blog about an useful topic and stick to your niche

The idea here is that you not only want a lot of visitors on your web page but also those people who are seeking advices and subtle suggestions. The moment someone realizes that he has found something of value in the article, he may even go all the way in sharing or even bookmarking the article.


Travel blogs sell a beautiful holiday story to the privileged internet user and hence present a perfect platform to publish related shopping advertisements.


This one time, I was reading about GMO or Genetically Modified Food and I decided to write an article on it. Since then I see frequent ads from Bayer / Monsanto on that particular article. I know that Bayer is a huge company and would never have problems paying for ads on a few GMO related articles online.


This other time, I blogged about a Himalayan mountain adventure. The response was new advertisements never seen in my blog earlier. From adventure bags and kits to mountain biking equipment.


It is recommended that you stick to a niche and blog many articles on specific topics. This way you send a clear message to Google Ads. If my blog was entirely on GMO, I could have probably made more money. Firstly, my Blog would be a leading repository of web information on the topic. And hence obviously I would have much higher bargaining power.


Imagine a blog filled with repeated keywords and phrases related to GMO. The amount of organic traffic it would bring in comparison to a single article is unimaginable. 


Hence, this money-making blog will stick to its theme of helping people get rich. Covering ideas from equities to cryptocurrencies and even just simple blogging advice.



#3 Search Engine Optimization and Readability


By readability, you basically need to structure your content in an easy-to-view form. The Yoast SEO plugin that works on WordPress can help you immensely in achieving readability and SEO optimization.


My basic advice would be to generously use the headings, paragraphs, bolds, italics, numbered & unnumbered lists, pictures, keywords etc in your article.


To check keywords for an article on “How to write a blog that makes the most money?”, I would just type the whole thing on a google search.


A useful phrase for this blog would be “how to make money with a blog for beginners”. As a beginner myself, this suggestion from Google would help me immensely in attracting my desired viewership.


But you should probably not just use the phrases directly in your blog extensively as Google search also punishes abuse. Hence in the passage below, I shall use a bunch of keywords and key phrases in a subtle modified manner. Notice how relevant the content below becomes in attracting search traffic. I have highlighted parts of the words and phrases I found on Google.


Example on how to write keywords optimized for blog

“MilanKaRaja is a top money making blog if you value the content and advice provided in it. While the homepage advices on how to create your own blog for free and make money, the reminder articles advise on all the other cool little stuff I have discovered in my career and travel.”


“If you had read my Bitcoin article when it was published, then you would call this a blogging site that pays. Even my article on the stock markets encouraging Indians to invest has since seen a sharp bull run. Maybe the best advice for how to make money blogging in 2017 should be to ask how to make money reading blogs.”


Hope you found these 3 tips insightful. This is just the beginning of a long checklist for beginner-level Bloggers.











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