How to Layer Bohemian Jewelry in a Way That Would Make Stevie Nicks Proud

How to Layer Bohemian Jewelry in a Way That Would Make Stevie Nicks Proud

We at emmer & oat tend to get our a-ha moments of bohemian fashion and jewelry inspiration from within, not from external fashion icons. Once in a while, though, we do get inspired by the stylish women out there. When we do, it’s generally more because of their fierce individuality than their actual style.

One of our fashion heroes is Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, who is mystical, sexy, and unapologetic, all rolled into one compact, composed frame. We can’t get over the way she fearlessly puts her outfits together, especially her trademark layered bohemian jewelry. It highlights the unrestrained, spirited nature of her songs and movement. She is proof that casual jewelry can make a statement without getting in your way.

Why Layer Your Jewelry

We wear our boho bracelets and necklaces whenever we want to channel carefree hippie energy akin to the one described in the song “Rhiannon”, about a woman who “rules her life like a bird in flight.” We love how layered jewelry looks artsy and reminds us to be playful and expressive. When paired with an equally expressive outfit, it makes us feel confident all day long.

Are you also intrigued by the carefree, individualistic bohemian jewelry layering style popularized by Stevie Nicks and other queens of wanderlust? Good news: it pairs amazingly with the functional and laid-back basic wardrobe we curate here at emmer & oat! You won’t have to look high and low to discover where to buy your boho jewelry pieces anymore, as we’re always introducing new necklaces, bracelets and rings to our collection. In this post, we’ll dissect how to layer bohemian jewelry to help you make the best out of your jewelry collection.

1. Choose Silver or Gold as Your Base Color

We like gold and silver because these colors are work-ready and grown-up but sexy at the same time. When layering your jewelry, stick to one metal—either silver or gold, but not both unless you have specific pieces that you know work well together. If you have wood, beaded, leather, or string pieces you love wearing, you can try adding those on top of the silver or gold pieces. You may need to experiment a bit before finding out which types of materials work well together.

2. Have a Signature Bohemian Jewelry Piece

In our minds, Stevie Nicks is practically inseparable from the motif of the moon. When she layers her jewelry, her moon pendant always seems to be the centerpiece. Do you have a piece of jewelry, whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, or watch, that you’re always wearing? Or a piece that seems to go with every outfit you own? Make it the centerpiece of your layering look.

Wondering where to discover interesting signature boho jewelry you might want to buy? We stock plenty of statement pieces in our collection. Choose whichever piece that you can practically picture how to layer with your current jewelry collection.

3. Mix-and-Match Charms

Every outfit tells a story, and your bohemian jewelry ensemble can do the same. If you love wearing jewelry with charms on it, you have a few options: you can group a bunch of images from the same category, such as a cactus and a flower, or you can mix up some that don’t necessarily “match,” but that still give off synergy. Wear a tiny pearl on a string and a name necklace, for instance, to make an abstract but sweet statement!

4. Vary Necklace Lengths… Or Don’t

When it comes to layering necklaces, the sky’s the limit. The conventional bohemian jewelry layering style is to pair necklaces of different lengths (typically three pieces) together so that the pieces create a cascade appearance. This style looks classic and put-together.

Stevie Nicks typically layers differently-lengthed necklaces together, but we’ve also seen her rocking same-length necklaces in one look. This less conventional style allows you to stack necklaces charms alongside one another, creating an effortlessly artsy, cluttered look.

5. Go Beyond the Bangle

Bangles aren’t the only answer to how to layer bohemian wrist jewelry. We love the way Nicks wears dynamically shaped cuffs in shapes that look like they came out of a witch’s forge. It gives her look unusual lines that catch the eye. Beaded and woven styles are also easy to pile on and forget.

6. Wear Your Entire Ring Collection

It can be hard to find rings that are as beautiful as they are practical, but the search is very worth it. For maximum visual balance when layering bohemian jewelry pieces on your fingers, select ring widths that are roughly the same as one another. This way, all of the rings will look like a part of set. You can add some variation in shape, width, and design as long as you find other ways to balance out the look, such as by repeating the imbalance on the other hand. Of course, you could also disregard the idea balance altogether and wear whatever rings you please!

Browse Everyday Bohemian Jewelry

Stevie Nicks may be known for a dreamy, witchy sense of style, but you can make her look your own: combine some of her tried-and-true tips with your sense of style to get the most out of YOUR jewelry collection. There’s a lot you can do with your look, so always choose every piece thoughtfully and deliberately.

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