Algorand based token aSHIB evolves in free markets to aSHIB.finance

How to make the Algorand ASA ecosystem on Tinyman better?

  • Help investors analyse the many ASA and the Liquidity Pools on Tinyman
  • Use AI/ML to predict future ASA prices to guide Liquidity Pool allocation and investment
  • Demonstrate application of research on aSHIB.finance built to add value for the aSHIB economy and the Algorand ecosystem.

What is aSHIB?

  • An Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) that has evolved out of free markets. 
  • For example, if the creator of the token is the government that has distributed resources among the population within the aSHIB economy (by a series of aSHIB airdrops), eventually the biggest whale on the token reaches a point on the Maslow’s pyramid and decides to partner with the government to boost value for everyone and himself within the aSHIB economy. 
  • Hence, aSHIB.finance was born, when the $aSHIB billionaires pooled up their assets in the various Liquidity Pools to work on a collective broader strategy to add value to the token. 

How will aSHIB.finance add value?

  • Build models for ASA price prediction using state of the art AI/ML
  • Use results to rebalance aSHIB LP portfolio to maximize gains and solve liquidity shortage issues between non ALGO pairs
  • Develop a bot trader that will automate the above process and add value to the aSHIB economy and the token
  • aSHIB pools will prevent pool overflow error on Tinyman and secure Liquidty Pools for new or low volume tokens
  • Publish our progress and research for investors, developers, other token economies, students, community etc. 

How can I learn more about aSHIB?

$aSHIB price chart on Tinycharts, Date: 21th November, 2021

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