Love Dornbirn, Ice river

He was like Forrest and she was like Jenny.

He would feel sorry for her and so did she pity him.

He gained experience over time, while she experienced more just with a smile.

So when she smiled at him one day, he wanted more.

He began testing new waters by entering her frame.

She invited him into her life but would keep him at a distance.

He understood what she wanted, and he gave it to her.

She became greedy and wanted more.

He hated online dating, while she adored Tinder.

Sick of the mixed signals, he made a move,

and she rejected him for being too Forrest Gump-like.

He would not quit though without a fight.

So he tried again and again all in vain.

The more he gave, the more she wanted,

The less he could give, the more she looked elsewhere,

So he gave less and faced her wrath.

But now he was overjoyed in seeing despise instead of indifference,

He now desired her as a Side-chick.

So with nothing to lose, he kept coming back, to try to tame her,

But this made her wilder and she left him for the Jungle.

Over time, both would learn a lot.

He would learn to fix his frame, she would learn that her powers are waning.

He now knew what to expect, so he got better.

She now knew what she wanted, a little bit of Forrest, Tyrone, and Chad.

One day, he met someone new.

Someone much younger than his Jenny.

He was in more control now because he had seen many likely scenarios,

But he is curious to see which one she will choose.

The more he could give, the lesser he would give,

The lesser he gave, the more he became desired.

But easy wins were no fun for a now seasoned player,

He missed being an underdog and wanted to relive his past.

So he moved to a new land, to be vulnerable again.

To be able to give more and take less without complain,

If love is the best painkiller there is,

Travel is the only way to love deep like Forrest again.

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