How to date a Web3 Developer?

Dating a Programmer can be challenging in 2022. With new emerging Web3 technologies to learn, our time has never been more precious. But there is much more to learn about the mysterious lifestyle of a Web3 Developer. I have worked in an extroverted job like Sales in a foreign language. Hence, my journey into programming for the past 5 years provides unique useful insights into how to date a Web3 Programmer.

Web3 Developer job can be stressful

They spend hours looking at documentation and manuals

Electrokami, Elevan reasons why you should date a web developer

Web3 Developers are competing globally to be the best. Although tools like Github, YouTube, and Blogs are helping in improving efficiency, they also foster more competition and expectations. Moreover, a lot of time in development goes into fixing annoying package dependency issues. The same sentiment is expressed in this blog post on why you should date a web developer.

Imagine dating someone with big ambitions, but who spends hours fixing seemingly insignificant bugs.

Honestly, once you succeed in fixing those bugs in your code, you end up feeling like the king of the world again. Hence, my advice to the ladies wanting to date a Web3 Developer is to help facilitate his coding and career success.

Example of Web3 Developer lifestyle

After spending some days on a React and Algorand Reach project, I moved on to another project for some days. After returning back to my first React Web3 project, I discovered a small problem. In order to debug it, I spent the next 6 hours on it and ended up ruining it all. My code doesn’t work anymore, but on the bright side I ended up learning a lot from debugging it. I am quite exhausted from all that effort and I actually have a lot of unfinished projects that have left me wiser.

To not feel defeated today I decided to work on a smaller easier project like a blog post that can be deployed. I will try to not stress much about the SEO of this post on Google Analytics. Our crypto token aSHIB aka AlgoShibaInu too has not performed that well as its success relies on my Web3 Development work.

A Web3 Developer lifestyle may not seem that charming right now but think of an empowered digital nomad in the medium term. So dating a busy Web3 Developer today can mean traveling the world with a successful Digital Nomad tomorrow.

Date Rich Web3 Developer vs Poor Web3 Blogger

perfectionist and takes hard decisions easily

Brunette Girl, 10 advantages of dating a programmer.

Are all programmers really rich? Brunette girl seems to think so in this 10 advantages of dating a programmer.

So fair to say, that a Poor Web3 Blogger would likely be too busy to be in typical relationships. A rich Web3 Developer with a high salary would be more eager to spare some of his time for dating. But a Poor Web3 Blogger may be poor because he spent less time debugging and more time building a personality.

Hence, to date a Poor Web3 Blogger you would have to be highly flexible and interesting. A rich Web3 Developer can be much easier to please. They have mostly missed out on dating during the early years of life. Hence, the rich Web3 Developer is seeking out cliche dating experiences and relationships. The Poor Web3 Blogger on the other hand may seek more intimacy and may be less inclined to invest his time in a relationship. Unless it is a highly supportive relationship worth allocating time for.

How does your job impact your dating experience?

The best job fields for getting out of the “singledom” faster are: agriculture, creative & art, transportation, and media and entertainment. The worst would be academia, finance, primary education, or being unemployed.

Nanaya Blog, How our Jobs Affect How Long We Stay Single

If you are not passionate about Technology, it is likely that you find more time to discover other valuable experiences. I made this gamble a decade back and traveled to Italy to study finance after finishing my engineering in India. The grass is greener on the other side and soon I found my way back to hardcore Technology work in Austria.

Yes, I had a lot of fun dating while focused on finance and business studies. I changed into a different person, very social and always networking. After a Sales job in Italy, I finally realized what I was missing out on. I was acting for short-term gains more and thinking less about the long-term. In other words, dating did not seem sustainable when your income is entirely reliant on your employer.

Web3 Developers are seeking to become financially independent with passive income. It is an ambitious goal and easier said than done. They understand that the more time they invest today, the more returns they make tomorrow. Hence, they are forward-looking and may value loyalty in relationships.

When I worked in Finance and Marketing, I was more likely to take big risks in dating. While Programming has made me value my time much more.

In the world of Finance, while building an Investment portfolio it is advisable to diversify your assets. Similarly, Web3 Developers have also diversified their careers on various projects. But when you want to make progress in your programming work, you may end up allocating more time to it. This causes a situation where Web3 Developers become highly uncorrelated with the rest of us. They see the world for how it is going to become. You will enjoy your conversations with anyone working on Web 3.0. They all have a vision for the future!


Dating people in different positions on Maslow´s pyramid can be tricky. Web3 Developers who keep investing time in their craft are more likely to benefit from the compounding of their efforts in the medium to long term. Hence, dating a Web3 Developer can be a fun and insightful journey. If you keep him motivated to succeed you can enjoy the fruits of your team effort as future digital nomads.

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