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MilanKaRaja.com is created by Vineeth Naik, an Indian national living in Italy from 2010 to 2017. The blog initially aimed to cater to those interested in learning more about life, study and work abroad in Italy, the challenges, the changes as well as the pleasures.

Later on the Blog has evolved along with the life of the Blogger into the various topics that interests him. Be it in Finance, Economcis, Technology, Politics to even Marketing.

Since 2018, Vineeth has been living in Dornbirn, Austria, working as a Researcher at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and has not been much active on the blog.

Since November, 2021, Vineeth got associated with aSHIB.finance.

A lot of new blog posts coming ahead!

Here is how the “About Me” page looked like earlier. I will update the whole page soon as a more mature Blogger.

The blog mainly revolves around the life of a 29 year old Indian male in Milan, Italy.  Living in exciting times of the Brexit, the (Trump vs Clinton) vs Johnson elections, rising Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk, Pokemom Go, the Modi wave,  Demonetization, the emerging Indian Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), marijuana legalization etc, the blog aims to balance fun and games with serious stuff that affects our lives more directly.

I have a Masters in Finance after graduating with a Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. The one thing you learn from such extensive time in University is to never miss an opportunity to travel in the weekends when you finally start working. You also learn personal finance and the aim to build income streams capitalizing on skills and experiences.

I also would like to capitalize on my expertize in helping businesses and investors gain value with a dedicated page for Web & App Development, and Equity Research. MilanKaRaja aims to not only cater to personal needs, but also aims to be a consultant on hire for unique problem solving. Need a website or an App or just some stock tips based on sound analysis, a personalized service from a highly qualified individual is what you may be requiring.

European Service with Indian Resourcefulness is what you get here.

Thank you for visiting MilanKaRaja.com, hope to expand my own reading so as to inculcate better writing here. Always welcome feeback.

Vineeth Hari Naik

Web Hosting

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Dear Viewers,

Writing a Blog is fun, but still requires time. Time is money, so I try my best to also monetize the website with a few Google Ads in the right side section of the website. To add to that, I have also connected a donation link below for anyone who happens to discover great value in what I write. Yes, I am a highly optimistic person.

If wikipedia needs funds to keep it running, so could MilankaRaja also use some funds to keep it soaring.

P.S. SEO reports are Incredible guys, stock market charts all over the world can only wish they looked like these up trends.

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Vineeth Hari Naik
Creator of MilankaRaja.com

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