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What is “Milan Ka Raja” and why should you care?

ANNA QUINDLEN, Travel Quote,
ANNA QUINDLEN, Travel Quote,


An Indian Expatriate living in Europe shares his thoughts and opinions, providing unique perspectives on various issues of life. Vineeth Naik is a Jack of all Trades who aims to help the world in spreading Financial Literacy & Business Awareness.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Being able to quickly react with a decent threshold of critical thinking in today’s confusing times, MilanKaRaja aims to be at the vanguard of content making. If you were reading this blog the past years, you would not have missed the Bitcoin price boom or the immense returns in Indian Equities.

The tagline, Travel & Money blog for adventure, wisdom, and prosperity, sums it all. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing in life, you could always do better with a second perspective.

"The Marketplace for Travel Agents"
“The Marketplace for Travel Agents”


My vision for

Maybe someday, people having a tough day will come and read MilanKaRaja for some interesting, positive, and uplifting content. Or even better, people having a tough time may get help from someone who they can really understand and trust. Content on several topics from Travel, Economics, Productivity, Technology, Politics, and Life helps in building trust. With more trust, I hope to serve them better.

In today’s age, you just cannot judge a thought process in a brief interview or with a simple CV/ Resume. Not many would even want to read the long complex theoretical projects I have worked on. Simple, Silly Blogging is the best way to spread my wisdom.

KISS: Keeping It Simple Stupid

Five reasons to read my blog?

  • A unique perspective from diverse work experience: Research, Business, Finance & Technology
  • I speak English, Hindi, Italian at working proficiency, bringing in an Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Indian perspective, all together.
  • Have lived in Catholic Italy, have worked earlier in Islamic Dubai and I am an Indian Hindu. Secularism saw me and redefined itself.
  • I do not try to be funny, and that is exactly what makes my humor “special”.
  • Not too old not too young, I have the median age of the world population, and I represent a very young nation.


Indian expat in Milan,
Indian expat in Milan,