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Investing in companies with strong fundamentals may not necessarily give favorable returns. Often Investors may enter long at peaks and may have to wait for considerable time for returns.

Even fundamentally strong companies need time to bring in the earnings that will further rise the Price to Earnings (PE) ratio.

So if you are a young professional or student with a diversified portfolio of great companies that give you returns like this below, you really should not be bothered much.

Variations in a short time frame do not paint the complete picture. Equity needs to be seen from a longer perspective. A diversified portfolio of fundamentally strong companies that have a consistently increasing dividend track record is desirable.

If the dividend payout ratios are at reasonable levels of less than around 40%, you can make massive returns over a long period.

Every company or business is different and they also change with time with new managers entering and exiting. Government intervention in radical reforms like the “Demonetization of Indian currency in 2016”, may scrap wealth right off your portfolio.

Such events, may also present an interesting opportunity to enter for the wise Investors who keep liquidity reserves.

Equity Research Qualifications of Vineeth H Naik

Have over 6 years of study and work experience in Finance, associated with Western Union, Mercer Investment Consulting, Dubai International Financial Center, Bocconi University and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Bring diverse experience in Business, Finance, Investment Consulting, Economic Research. An Engineers perspective further helps in providing unique research on companies.

Examining the long term industry perspective, macroeconomics, financial analysis and conducting a thorough business valuation is the drill before I make my recommendations.

I invite Investors to contact me if they require a different unique unbiased perspective on a business.

My expertise is currently over Indian equity, but I am always eager to accept new challenges. Contact me at Naik.Vineeth@gmail.com for further details.

Yours Sincerely,
Vineeth H Naik